I know I just posted one similar but

Sorry for posting this again, but I posted a similar thread in recruitment earlier. However I am reaching out to the community. I’m looking for that one quality ally who likes to help the underdogs. ((We are on XB1)) We are not a crybaby clan that got raided and is complaining about it. We just need a lil help from someone who knows what they’re doing. We have a few noobs an a couple experienced players we are all adults 21yrs+ as far as I can tell. We’re bare bonesing it right now but we will rebuild. we just need a couple ppl whom know what they’re doin. If youd like to help it would be greatly appreciated. Message savagefool8815@gmail or you can reply here. id post my gamertag but my enemies use this site as well. Espionage, subterfuge, guerrilla tactics, and patience are our only tools at the moment. An if your interested in a dug in PvP clan that isn’t going no where no matter how many times we get raided then don’t hesitate friends. Have an amazing day everyone. ITS ALMOST FRIDAY.

“May all of you return safely home with your thralls an resources intact.”