I like what you did with the twitch streamers but

I know you guys had streamers play conan when you officially dropped isles of siptah . But what does making shroud play one day leading it to top 10 games on browse on twitch do for conan? It was literally only one day too you probably would have him actually wanted to play it for real … and after one week it went back too it’s regular 800 views and any money it didn’t even attract that many players, you have to do more than just one week twitch drops. This game is too good to not have numbers similar to ark and dayz and rust. It really is the best survival game IMO. I would have never tried it if it wasn’t free for PS plus members almost 2 years ago. I tried Ark and hated survival games since but when my uncle and dad convinced me to play conan with them we haven’t stopped playing since .

Based on the experience that you had, it looks like word of mouth might work better than having a first person shooter streamer on Conan!

Shroud has been playing Valorant and possibly those viewers may or may not have converted to new Conan players, we will never know.

Possibly, there could also be a few that might get the game to redeem the drops or maybe not.

I guess only time will tell if the drops do anything, as we see more Twitch events in the future.

This game is a niche (won’t appeal to everyone) and others here have pointed out that the numbers to grow during special events and it goes down to a higher level then the previous period.

He literally played one day lmao I sub to him watch him regularly

It was less then three hours, I got a drop from his channel.

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