I made mmo-style INSTANCED HOUSING on my server

It’s not perfect, but it feels like an amazing accomplishment at the moment.

There are 16 different instances that are each customized based on player preferences. When the player gets their reward rank for completing the quest they answer a series of questions and get assigned one of the 16 residence versions.

So, there is a slight chance players will run into each other, but it’s minimal and random.

Then the residences are filled with scripted individual features and services that are specific to the player so even if someone else was in the same instance a few minutes earlier, everything will seem fresh to the player.

  • Personal Cook (makes high quality meals and buff foods)
  • Squire (provides arrows, repair kits, and poisons)
  • Repairing Armor Bench (repairs all armor free of charge, forever)
  • Lotus Garden (a full garden of blooming, ready to harvest lotus)
  • Potion Cabinet (kept stocked by the syndicate for you benefit)
  • Personal Safe (storage for a high quantity of select items)
  • Personal Assistant (offers a wide variety of services, including those listed below)
    • The ability to change residence designs.
    • The ability to acquire rare baby pets for decoration or pick-up.
    • The sale of harvest tools.
    • The hiring of select thralls.
    • and the sale of personal caravans.


Very impressive!

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Very cool indeed!

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