Radical move to lure players back - instanced private islands

I have a couple of thousand hours in the game, and I love it. Played exclusively on official servers.

Unfortunately - real life always rears its ugly head, and I have to walk away for a bit to lose everything to decay. Go through a few cycles of this, and starting from scratch just loses its appeal.

I propose that once a player reaches level 60 on an official server, that they get access to a private instanced island. Not a big space, a 10x10 footprint, max height 10. This instanced space is inaccessible to clannies or other players, but exists in perpetuity while the server exists. No active crafting in the space. You can store your loot, and then return to the game when real life permits.

I understand that part of the appeal of PVP is to wipe a player from a server, so this might be a move for pve or pvc only.

I know that I would drop in more frequently if this was an option. Would you?


So, basically a storage area that is immune to decay or raiding.

Why bother with the whole tiny, instanced private island bit then? You could just have a separate inventory tab or something.

Not saying I agree with the idea. Just wondering why make it any more complicated than it needs to be.

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Sounds like the bank idea that was proposed a little while ago, to universal acclaim. I think something like this would be a good QoL addition to the game.

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Agree with both posters. They are consolidating official servers, so they know pop is declining. I hope they create a tab or a bank or something to keep folks connected.

To be honest, I think in my personal opinion, that Funcom has mostly moved on from CE and really does not worry too much about the player base levels. They have made a mint from this game, and well deserved, because it outclasses every sandbox survival genre in existence.

My point is, do not expect any changes that would lure players back to the game. Most of their changes lately are self serving for monetary gains. I completely get this, as they are a business for profit and I do not foresee big changes trying to improve the player base.

If they just ended the game today and shut down all servers, I would still tell people about an amazing game called Conan Exiles and how I loved playing it.


I like the idea though… Like a server transfer into limbo… Then when you come back a server transfer out of limbo to whatever server is looking good to ya… And while in limbo, you can walk the tiny area, look at inventory, something like that. Maybe even have multiple characters there - up to 5 or something.

JJ’s right tho… the chances of FC doing something cool with CE at this point is pretty low. I guess whatever we get in 3.0 will be interesting but new feature facilities, hmmm…


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