I need a direct link to report a very easy & repeatable base entry glitch please - VIDEO

I have video evidence of this ridiculously easy & repeatable way to glitch into bases, but I’ll just get banned posting it here. This is a bad one and needs to be addressed asap. Zendesk always gives me a generic response telling me to share my problem here, so I’m skipping that BS & just coming straight here. All one has to do to enter a base is
edited - poof they’re inside a base. It’s really that simple & I cannot believe this has been overlooked & not talked about. Could a community mnanager or a developer direct message me for the video, so you can see this & I won’t be banned, please? Thank you.

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@Community, is someone available to provide a direct link for the OP?

It was ALMOST fixed, but not quite.

My clan and I most often build ceiling bases. We’ve learned to have at least 2 foundations thick of cushion on the underside to combat this exploit.

If it is in a perma structure like docks or watcher it’s even easier to deal with because there is that perma floor, so foundation layer 1 above and layer 2 underneath. If you’re worried still a 3rd layer is advised.

Then test it yourself. The results are interesting, make sure you test naked.

Well, there are a couple of ways to. Firstly, on this primary landing page, under the Xbox section, there are three direct links - one of which is Xbox servers and clans and the other Xbox bug reports. This may be a good starting point?

Also, a quick Search (top right magnifying glass icon) for “zendesk” shows results, including the link: https://funcom.zendesk.com/

Under the heading “Promoted articles”, click on “How to report a bug”, This lists all he ways too report a bug for each platform.

The xbox link is: https://forums.funcom.com/t/new-bug-report-template-xbox/

The other links under the " Promoted articles" cover many other guides useful to players of Conan Exiles, and that save a lot of time. It would be interesting to know how many players have read these guides.

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You can just message them btw, start a direct message and add the community group :man_shrugging:
Though I’m pretty sure they’ve already seen that video as it’s not exactly new.