I need help please

Hi, i will explain whats happening in our official server which we are playing. There is a clan who thinks they are alphas and they are closing all obelisks with foundations, fences and door. Everybody can’t use map room except them. There is a rule about it? Can i report it? I sent an email to report it but get no asnwer.

The rules of this strategy is not prohibited, and many really use it. You can destroy their buildings, explosive jars, trebuchets, etc.

lol… how can someone close the obelisk when its part of game and nobody can use it and its not prohibite.

I suppose it’s done with crafting a lot of foundations and other building parts, then putting them around the obelisk. Well, that’s HOW I’ll do it.

Either destroy it or build a wall arounds there’s

thx anyways guys. lets see whats the better idea

If they close off things such as the spawn / starter area (so they block players from the entire map), it should be reported to the Harassment and Griefing form, listed here:
You may not get a reply even if you’re issue is resolved. If the issue involves harsh disputes between players, these players may be banned if it is looked into (even both, if they find there is reason for it).

Otherwise the options are

  • Trying to negotiate with them.
  • Making sure the things are destroyed (and possibly claim the land for yourself, but keep it friendly with everyone.)
  • Moving to another server
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Also, for future, always state whether it si PVP, PVE,PVE-C. this helps get different strategies. PVP, this is a tactic in war fare, and part of blosing stuff up responses. PVE/PVE-C it is a troll move, and there have been creative work arounds that some vets may be able to tell you.

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