I need the communities help on testing

Ever Since my last post on Teimos being a viable tank. I have resorted to testing this. Before that post I captured and trained all my thralls. I have found this takes way to long to get the data I desire. So I reverted to summoning Elixirs of Rebirth. Too time consuming to realistically get the data I need. I’ve only and always captured my thralls without admin. Thats quite easy to do in single player.

My question is; is there a way to assign perks to each individual thralls? Since my last beating on here, I only want to test my Theories without summoning 1000’s of Elixir of rebirth to satisfy my testing needs (or put myself to bed :wink: Without a current job, have been doing this non stop. 10 hrs a day. I would rather prefer to play the rest of the game and have fun again.

I admit that the stats proposed by me will never happen to 90% of the players. But need a test case to give any thralls I level, and to get an apples to apples tests. With the over the top testing I believe any player of ANY thrall they choose will provide a very good baseline of what stats they may they want.

I do respect all the knowledge this community has to offer.

My test case thrall vs thrall -
- First a l20 thrall
- same armor/weapons in each
-same identical perks per thrall
-same attributes of any thralls without any changes to those base stats.
-NO change in any player attributes, or thrall base stats.

These are the attributes I’m trying to tst. but thrall perks ( that have an unlikely never see it) without admin. I have seen very good perks without any admin privileges.

So I am asking the community to throw me a bone, and give me a way to change thrall perks. If there is no way under the admin command line will just have to keep carrying on.

I’m very ignorant when it comes to the CLI.

Thx in advance guys I appreciate it.


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