I play Conan exiles on the PS4 and i play offline but i have a server connecting to my game and I'm wondering a server is connecting to an offline game could someone Please help

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Offline game single player\server linking to my offline game

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@Stephen, I would really like to help you, but for the life of me, I can’t sort out what the problem is.

Please accept this in the spirit of my intent: to help you enjoy the same game I do.

Recognizing you are new to the boards is first on my mind.

  • This is the PC board, there is one specifically for the PS4, you can find it by clicking the yellow button above that says “[PC] Updates and Bugs” and scrolling down

  • There is no information in the post, just the title. The form lists explicitly what information will help solve your problem. Please fill it out to help us help you.

  • If English is not your first language, there are numerous translators (free) online.

I really hope your problem gets the attention it deserves.



Thank you

You’re quite welcome, and I wish you luck :slight_smile:



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