I seem to have found a bug

Someone built four foundations and several ceilings in the desert, where the novice was born, and then the server began to crash 1020ping
I’m sorry. I’m using an interpreter. It may not be well described
Black ice architecture .A special place
Reply Aleetoo
It’s almost a month. No one will check these locations on our server
More interesting, why not ban those places
Now there is a place to visit, pc 1361 pvp The desert where the novice was born

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Interesting, we have those lag spikes in 1999 too :open_mouth: gonna go check those locations

All the discussions and the complains about undermash constructions may have 100 replies, if you speak about real bad attitude, trolling attitude, that some players have, when they go and build in crucial spawning, or knowledge areas, or massive and useless constructions, that destroy the health of the server… Max 10 replies. This is it my friend… sad but true. I feel you, i love the game and i play all the categories (pvp, pve-c, pve) so i can understand everybody. However, it seems only a few can understand me. That’s life :wink:.

Funny I thought they were pretty on top of banning people who block the noob spawns, maybe that was just an exiled legend.

Now I have made it clear that the cheats and bugs they used took over the Asian servers, and they have been selling cheats and bugs. We can’t even enter the game without buying zuobiq.

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