Now they hacked the official server?

I’m sorry, I do not want this to turn into an endless drama but, after my griefing report I think they are somehow getting revenge by some kind of hack on another server…

revision #125929/20708

Could please FunCom invesigate this to prevent possible future hacks?
Server Report already sent.

After griefing on the server 1975 I started playing in 1976. These servers are populated mostly by Brazilians.

I dont know if they resort to some type of hack to prevent my clanmate and I from playing on that server, or perhaps … a false report and Fun Com has done something against us?

When we enter the server (we are from different cities) our buildings load in half, we do not see our pets or our thralls. My ping is 50 so is not that bad.

In 1976, again a clan has the obelisks surrounded, they have built walls and left the doors open, as they proclaim to prevent anyone from blocking the obelisks completely.

So far that was ok.

What I did not know is that they know each other, those of the 1975 (reported and temporally banned for griefers) and those of the 1976 server. The leader of the 1975 server clan that I reported by griefing, began to enter 1976 to insult us in the public chat.

They started with discrimination, racism and daily insults, and finally they built a wall between two of my buildings with the clear objective of annoying.

After a strong discussion in the public chat we started with a weird lag? problem

I will explain everything so that there are no confusions or lies: if you want to read!

We built our house very close to “Bridge of the Betrayal”, we decided to have an obelisk nearby. The whole bridge is occupied by this clan, with statues and walls, you can pass so it did not seem bad.

They started with insults, threats and aggression every day, and yesterday they built walls around our houses, including one of them between two of my buildings. Blocking the fast access down the mountainside to New Asagarth and practically preventing us from dragging thralls to our wheel of pain.

Well, obviously we answered and discussed in the public chat. And we started to modify our houses and walls to prevent them from doing something even worse.

Suddenly, something started to go wrong. As if it were an extreme lag. But I have 53 of ping, and therefore that lag is not possible. I returned to my house and the structures were half loaded (forever), I restarted the game and the problem worsened, now I do not see my pets or the thralls, they never load, the structures are still incomplete. When I try to build I see that the materials are used but the block is not where I put it, and many other strange errors.

Then I asked my clanmate if he had the same problem, and he does.

Not even my character loads

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and now I cant aces de server…

I’m her clan mate and have the same problem last night, now i can get in the server but it takes it’s sweet time to do it and i have lag on it, and don’t give me the “ur pc must have an issue” becous i enter the other server (1975) faster and don’t have any problems.

And i want to repor the player Nemedia (Steam ID: Starlord) the clan leader of “Novo Mundo” for (fail) attempt of harassment, he trie to find me on facebock using my real name and my city, that he gets frome my Steam profile, and use it to intimidate me (like i give a flying fu…) and by Crom the level of stupidity of this discusting worm prevent him to do it right, he found someone with my name and city (the wrong one) but it doesn’t bothers me so i don’t care, but that doesn’t meant others will react the same, some people can fall for that crap.

That player is the same that star insulting Celeste for no reason, and he command his clan to build a wall around our house, also he is friendo of CptAlanBR (the leader frome tha clan of the server 1975 that was building gigantic walls to prevent passage for some areas) and i bet there is where the problems come frome, it all start to happen conveniently after he showed up on the server 1976.

They have sings right out side of our home whit insults to Celeste, and other saying “server novo mundo wellcome” (like if they own it) “this server it’s of brazil” (like we hava a choice, all South American servers ara on Brazil) and more.

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