I want to make my character based off a person in real life but using some program

Is there any software or way to write a program that allows an image of person to be selected and the character sliders are changed to somehow match that image as close as possible. For instance, a the character slider for nose will slide to certain point based on that image of that persons nose. Obviously there is no character slide for hair but we can figure that out ourselves. Ya’ll feel me on this? Maybe funcom can make this… like insert image to make character look that person as best as possible.

That sounds super complicated. Like something that would require machine learning and AI to pull off.

Would be very hard software-wise, and also problematic from a legal and publicity perspective, especially for a game with nudity, slavery and lots of violence - revenge ■■■■ incoming.

There might be a solution, though: In most games, I assume including Conan Exiles, there are players that are incredibly skilled in building faces. Maybe you can find somebody here willing to help - then send a picture via pm and get a screenshot of how to set the sliders.

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Sometimes, the game’s face engine simply doesn’t have the options for certain looks. I wanted to make my Cyberpunk 2077 character look like David Hasselhoff, but couldn’t get even close. (My idea was that my ‘V’ was a nomad whose clan were fans of the old Knight Rider series.)

I want my next Conan Exiles character to look like Erwin Schrödinger because I want to explore the new sorcery options for things that are simultanously dead and alive.

Why would you want to do that with this limited character creator in Conan? You are better off doing this in modded Skyrim. There you can even sculpt faces.

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There are some people that look like the conan exile default characters … They just need some tweaking.

Because they’re different games. Can’t port a Skyrim character into Conan Exiles, and I want to play Conan Exiles. I don’t want to play Skyrim.

I do not grant you permission to use my likeness for barbarian shenanigans :rofl:

There’s no such thing and I can assure you it’d be seriously impressive if anyone could make something even moderately effective, too. As in, scientific paper impressive, probably.

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