Icons over enemy healthbar


Hi Funcom.

Would it be possible to get a small icon over the enemy’s healthbar when they are affected by cripple or bleed and so on?


Yup would be very handy to know exactly what buffs and debuffs they have… no visual representation on it unfortunately. I can count how many swipes my dagger did and see the small line drop… but c’mon… give them darkblack-boiled veins when they are poisoned… or limping when crippled, and a ton of bloodflows when they bleed :smiley:

Okay if we can get only some small icons showing these we are fine with it thank you :smiley:


Exactly, it would be very handy if this could be a part of the game. I am no expert in how to make a game, but I really dont think that this is something that would be a hard thing to make… and it would help alot.