Status effect icons on Enemies

The game offers very little, to no, feedback about status effects applied to an enemy. For example:

-Bleed: Other than seeing their health tick down there’s no way to know if you have applied bleed, how many stacks you have applied, or when the bleed has worn off.

The same could be said for the rest of the status effects (crippled, poisoned, sundered, etc.)

Next to, or on top of, an enemy’s health bar there should be icons indicating any applied status effects. With bleed, for example, use the exact same information you have on your own HUD to tell you that you’ve had bleed applied to you, and stick that on top of, or next to an enemy’s health bar.

Additionally, if the enemy is healing this should have an icon near their health bar. This would help you to know if you need to rush in to stop their healing.

All of this info is important when strategizing in a fight. This feedback is vital.


why would you want to know after they have died… i mean its pretty quick to kill players to even warrant this. And to even having health bars is kinda stretching. They wanted combat to be as close to realism as possible. I say no to that only because they do not want an mmo tab targeting genre they wanted something like free combat and fighting your foe and learning to read your opponent reaction.

Realism ROFL…

Anyway if not status effect display I would be fine with it if the models themselves had a visual representation.
Like limbing when crippled, skintone change (veins coloration) when poisoned. blood drops on bleed (amount could be an indication about the 2stacksize)

Sundered could be like damaged armor display. maybe.

AND most importantly… Damage state of the body on general. as if now after 1-3 hit body gets bloody already. and that all now.
No layers.

Implementing all these could be a better alternative for those enemy healthbars.

I agree @Dragoonduneman. Generally HUD elements detract from realism and an immersive experience. Unfortunately, in order to strategize while fighting, you need that visual feedback.

@GaryIce offered a good compromise. If there were visual FX on the enemy to indicate individual status effects that would give you that feedback without adding unrealistic HUD elements. And I totally agree, the damage state on enemies you fight could be an excellent indicator of their health without the need for a health bar. Ark does a good job of this. No enemies have health bars but you generally know when they are going to die by how bloodied they are. I personally don’t care what the solution is, bottom line there needs to be some sort of visual feedback for status effects.

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