Idea to balance bows

What if, arrows didn’t hit their maximum damage until traveling a certain distance. For example they start at maybe 60% or 75% DMG and increase up to 100% after some metres. Bows do a lot of damage but also have good hyper armour which makes close range combat still in favour to the bow but they also dominate out of melee range because it’s obvious reasons, melee can’t reach and you can just arrow down someone. With this we could even tweak total damage so making them real long range hits still feel satisfying without breaking close range. Discuss


You used the “b” word so I have been summoned. :bow_and_arrow: :slightly_smiling_face: I noticed with the latest update on PS the full charge after rolling has been removed - You no longer get a fully charged shot just for rolling. Id be interested to see how that effects its performance at close range, given that fixing that bug is a dps loss to the weapon and should make it easier to combat in melee. The knockdown, hyperarmor and damage might still be over tuned, but I think more testing is required to reveal the actual effects of the bug fix.

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