Ideas for replacing the god awful and broken Second Archery Perk Ricochet

On my weekly walk i was thinking about how to improve this awful perk. Yes it’s ricochet! the perk that makes your arrows bounce off even the most naked enemies and players because reasons? why not?

So how to improve it? let us replace it! with something more useful! these are my ideas so far.

edit: I know some of these are rough, and would maybe require re-aranging the archery tree. But skill tree itself is in need of work. So these are just some ideas. i.e 50% arrow speed too fast? maybe 33% would be better. I wanted ideas that are more Utility based than just a straight up damage boost.

Edit: Added some other suggestions, and made them also apply to thrown weapons i.e javelins etc

  • Strong Draw - Arrows and thrown weapons travel 50% faster

  • Quiver Expertise - 50% chance of not consuming any arrow or thrown weapon when used.

  • Quick Draw - You now fire two arrows instead of one!

  • Deep Arrow - Your Arrows now cause Bleed Damage.

  • Bowmaker - All ranged Weapons are now 25% cheaper to make.

  • Quickened Focus - Your consume 33% less Stamina on the Heavy Bow Attack

  • Bullseye - Bodyshots now count as headshot damage with a thrown weapon or arrow

  • Resourceful - When you miss a target you no longer consume an arrow or any ranged weapon.

  • Scavenger - All Ranged & Thrown weapons will be automatically picked up after a kill.

  • Let Loose - All Ranged Weapon weapon effects are increased 25% (I.e healing arrows do more healing, Blunted arrows do more knock out damage etc)


Great ideas.

I hope someone at FunCom likes these ideas too.

I also think the ricochet perk is useless and pointless.


It just never works, i’ve had it bounce of naked enemies, and even some bosses and other enemies.And it’s usefulness is none existent, i get the concept, if you miss you may hit another target, but the effect doesn’t work, and as i’ve said it often causes direct hits to bounce off enemies and not deal damage.


Strong Draw is the only one of these that would be practical for them to implement. The others are too strong, especially with specialist arrows, or impossible to work. For instance, how would your perk to reduce the material costs of arrows work on a carpenter’s bench that anyone could access?

Another good suggestion for a replacement perk would be something like “Improved Technique” where the stamina you use for holding a drawn arrow is reduced.


All I can say here is…
1st very nice suggestions
2nd if something of these is done i’ start play accuracy, after all horizons zero dawn is on my top 5 games ever, I really love the beginning that Roast named the girl Aloy :joy::joy::joy:.

I cannot see this be implemented at any point considering that a fully drawn bow can half health a player with a headshot. I don’t think it would be good for the game to have a ranged oneshot weapon.

There are arrows for that already so I don’t see the point in it. And additionally, having high damage arrows that also cause bleed to stop you from healing would be way to unbalanced.

I don’t think they will want to combine attributes with crafting as feats are the main thing you unlock for crafting

That is something that I would consider okay from the balancing aspect but shooting an arrow while not shooting it? Seems weird to me

That one is actually a pretty good idea but I think it would be to strong for the second perk, so you would have to move it like they did with survival.

However, I do like the current perk so I would prefer it not being changed

If I may ask, what is it you like about the current perk?

I play as an Archer, I have tried and can’t find a use for it.
Granted I’m not the most skilled of player, but I do try.

Is it just the aesthetic?

If you say you like how arrows bounce off your naked skin, I will count you as part of the problem. :slight_smile:

Since its only the second perk, it should not be something gamechanger or too strong, you haven’t invested much to get it.

Normally you add more out of the box perks midway through and game altering ones on the higher levels. Like for instance, if we would add the 2 shots for 1 perk, it would have to be the 5th one, since it can double your damage output overall.

Arrow speed is a dangerous thing to add, since it would make lock on attacks even easier to hit. Combine that to poisoned arrows you can can kill most people in a heartbeat.

Bleeding used to be a very strong debuff because it would interrupt healing, so it was locked behind some specific weapon attacks or daggers. Bows are ranged weapons, so there is an extra layer of safety and its easier to hit (lock on), inflicting bleeding on every arrow could potentiall be overpowered. Perhaps if only through charged attacks, it could be more balanced.

I like quiver expertise. Its a cheap perk and works well on early game, your expensive arrows last twice longer and you can spam away cheaper ones.

Agree, not only its useless but it’s also RNG which should be illegal to put anything RNG in PvP game.

Just don’t like “deep arrow” thing - that would be too op as well ■■■ quick draw - if it’s 2x damage compared to 1 arrow.

How about a version where the arrow ends up in the target’s inventory instead, so you can recover it after the kill?

(And if the target is a player who survives getting shot at, they get to keep your arrow. Serves you right for not finishing the job.)

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i personally think that in general, CE doesnt allow yet for custom builds and specialization enough. You can combine anything with everything, a GTA with swords. Skyrim only became playable for the core community after they had mods that allowed a more deep roleplay immersion experience. Casual gamers do not build your gameplay loop and your community. Higher customization in general should in my humble opinion be optionally available, so much potential. This perk is just one example.


Bouncing throwing axes off the ground to catch people that run

Ricochet is one of my fave perks… Itlest on consoles, since getting right stick to not be to jumpy…

Its great way to aim at ground, fire and cripple legs. (specailly if I tap down to much and miss the legs…lol)

Really, it needs abit more auto aim on wall shots, so maybe it could be used abit better. Great perk to cripple legs, giving you abit more play room in aim department.

You understand that it bounces off enemies right?

So you need to use target lock to get ricochet to work?
I never liked target lock with a bow, the enemy is just too close.
And I really don’t use any throwing weapons.

I like Archery to feel like Archery.
I manual aim every time when I use a bow.

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I’m surprised no one liked the quickened focus perk. I think it’s a great suggestion that’s not too powerful. It doesn’t increase the damage or speed with which you fire, but allows greater sustained heavy shots.

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I don’t like using auto aim either. Bleh

target lock with bow, Heavens no… the game has no auto aim.

It could use a auto aim with rico shots that along walls thou. Its great for legs busting… trying to get hits off walls is… pretty pointless. XD

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