(yet another) Rework on archery?

Hello everyone, today i wanted to share my thouth about Acuracy and especialy about his 2nd perc.

To me, the bouncing arow are out of place in game. It feel clumzy, unrealistic and not that usefull. It can even trigger a bug sometime when you shoot animal in certain spot because the arow will bounce on it (can occur when you shoot human too)

So i was wondering what could be a good replacement for it in order to make archery more viable.

For now i got 2 thing that could be nice.

  • Something like the 3rd encumbrance perk, a simple 10% or 15% damage boost
  • Something more usefull like a speed boost for switch weapon between distance & mele weapon

What do you guys think about all that ?

Edit : Owaimori show me da tru, was speakin’ about the 2nd perk, not 3rd^^


3rd perk in accuracy already give you 10% damage boost >w> i think you mean 2rd

sorry for my bad english, maybe will be fine if we get something like “when you hold an right button with bow stamina ends not so fast” or “power shot” when you holding right button charges faster

Faster power shot could be a nice one too indeed, thx for correctin’ me, i’m at work, couldn’t read those while i’m here^^

I do think the bouncing system is akward at best.

maybe have the 2nd perk be less stamina drain per power shot, like a 25% reduction in cost as you power it up?

Power shot is unreliable and sometimes you have to hit the button multiple times for it to register. Same with Katana.

I agree with this, the bounce perk doesnt help at all, I think it could be replaced with “Power Shots do bleeding dmg”.


yeah, the bounce is really crappy, especially with axes as it can bounce them into lava or places you’ll never get em back from

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btw, is someone aware of the native damage bonus that give acuraty point ? Ppl on my ex server spoke about strenght givin damage point on the bow & accuraty giving it on the arrows, but i’m unaware of how many it give

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