Archery becoming relevant

I love this game and started playing recently since the free release on PS4. (Have since purchased DLC’s) When I first began playing I was solo and thought I would love to have an archery build so I can have some advantage by being a ranged player. I quickly learned that for pvp on Conan this was not a smart idea. The new arrows are awesome and useful and am happy that for my first survival game experience the updates keep coming.

What if the damage was increased on the arrows based on the distance of the target?


Sounds a good Perk to replace the silly Bouncing Arrows.


I do a little archery… and I have never seen a arrow bounce off a target… anything would be better then the bouncing arrows lol


How about reduced stamina consumption while an arrow is nocked in place of the Trick Shot Perk?


What if the character would learn to deliver arrows further into the distance instead? This way the damage curve could be extended as well, since the arrows aren’t so deadly after they lose momentum. Characters being able to retain that momentum could shoot arrows farther. The closer you shoot the arrow, the deadlier it becomes.

Be sneaky and use smoke arrows on other players when there in fights. This can lead to there deaths and can be useful if you have a thrall with you that’s also pelting them with arrows

I find oil arrows to be a great source of entertainment too.
People fighting or climbing for resources.

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I honestly think this is a console controller problem.

On PC where you can aim with mouse, archery is relevant.
A skilled bow user is a frightening opponent.

Especially with 40STR/40ACC they do tons of damage.
Always aim for the legs for criple, kite them for days.

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yeah, aiming with a right toggle switch is a pain on console.

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What are you doing with them for entertainment?

if you find players on a ledge, like mountain side, buildings and structures, shooting at their feet is always interesting to see what comes next :stuck_out_tongue:


Like I said before, Bouncing arrow should just be there by default, and damage increase perk would be handy.
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cough claws

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