Conerning ranged

To put it simply even with additional arrows and selective fire with bows. Ranged will still be underwhelming. Why? The bow heavy attack does roughly the same damage as the light attack, the light attack combo is to slow (You should be able to keep firing until out of stamina, otherwise your presence even at ranged is not threatening.) And the damage output does not compare to other weapons. As for the accuracy tree, having it boost only ranged attacks makes it an unpopular ootion whereas if it gave the user additional armor penetration and changed the last accuracy perk to allow succesive bow shots to do additional damage it might come out better. The head shot mechanic should be built into archery without the perk aswell.

As for spears and axes, They should either allow you to repair the spear from the radial to have a new one ready to throw, allow spears to stack or allow players to craft a quiver for arrows and spears so they can play out their javellin hunter / bowman fantasies. I also believe that the one handed spear should get a better light attack combo and a changed heavy attack throw. Maybe allow the player to attack with spears with the shield up. Hope this helps!


Another thing I think they should do with archers is give them a better/faster defensive kick animation that has more push-back(Making it viable for an archer to kick someone off of a wall or cliff and giving them more breathing room to fill their enemies with arrows.) Archers should be the king of defending the high ground. (An archers kick should also root them in place so they don’t accidentally fling them-self off a cliff trying to kick an enemy should they miss…)

And yeah I think a players aim should matter a bit more with archery… (Aim for and hit the legs to cripple, aim for the head for more damage, or stun them if you’re using blunt arrows… Mind you the stun shouldn’t last long enough for one archer to stun lock an enemy and stunning arrows shouldn’t do much if any damage… But yeah, archers should be especially dangerous in numbers…