If I buy the CE afetr I created a character and use the code,will the recipe appear in my already made characters inventory?

I am going to buy the CE but was wondering if the Recipe would appear in the inventory of my already made character? Or does it only show up when you create a character? Thanks!

Still waiting on response

it won’t show up in your already made chars inventory since that is bound to the save game on your system, you probably need to make a new char to get the items, that’s if you get them tho. I have collectors edition as well and after the code I only got the armor and no sword .

I believe if this happens you need to contact customer service, also has to be the physical collectors edition.

I have physical collectors edition, Sony states contact funcom and funcom says problem is at sony. So this will probably take a long time to fix. While the armor is utter useless the word gives actual a decent bost in early game, the whole reason i bought the ce. But then again, i should have known since funcom has never been the most reliable when it comes to codes or dlc related stuff. I can write books about my experiences with age of conan mmo code redemption

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