If "Only owner is able to loot stuff" is enabled in pve how was my clan mate able to loot my body?

Hi just started playing Conan Exiles with a group of friends who already had it and was urging me to play as we all got tired of playing another game. I’m all for the clan features as I don’t mind gathering resources and running dungeons together, however I still like individual accomplishments and character builds. That being said I was a little disappointed to find that upon falling to my death trying to carry up resources to a clanmate, he was able to loot my dead body and my 3 fragments of power, farmed by yours personally was graciously added to a chest, accessible to everyone. Although at this point I’m like whatever, it just feels a little violated without being asked. Sorry if there’s an answer for this else where, while I didn’t do a deep dive, I’ve noticed there was some bugs, that appear to have been fixed with updates in other discussions? I know there was a clanmate whos body was accidently destroyed but no one was able to grab/save the loot bag haha. Thanks in advance!

Dang, my clanmate and I have been wishing for the ability to loot each other’s corpses for some time (saves on run-backs), and here you guys got it working on accident. :stuck_out_tongue:

IME, the only time we’ve had this happen is if his corpse was on the ground long enough for it to decay into a loot bag. After that, I was then able to loot it for him. Mind you, this was several months/patches ago, so no clue if it still works that way, or if it’s even supposed to.

Yea that’s what I ran across when I was searching for an answer too. Though I’m not so sure how similar my situation was to the clan mate who we accidentally made lose his loot, as when that occurred the clan mate who looted my body didn’t try anything to save the loot whereas when I fell, to my surprise he immediately announced he was going to loot my body. I’m sure the situations differ, I prbly will end up asking him how he did it as he confidently knew how to. Just hoping there’s a way to prevent it. But thanks for the response!

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One player on my server said that using the Loot All button worked for them, but I’ve tried the same and it’s never worked for me. Of course, I game left-handed and have to modify all my keybinds, so many it only works on the default Loot All bind (which I think is ‘F’).

Be interested to know if your clanmate recalls anything particular though.

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Left-handed!!! I knew there was something wrong with you. :wink:
See you in game buddy :grinning:


I talked to another buddy of mines abt how our other buddy did it and yes it sounds like he simply pressed and held E to get the interaction UI and chose loot all. Probably applies to F as well.

Ah! I knew there had to be something wrong with you, you twisted son of a… (another leftie here) :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing wrong with gaming lefty… Its the only way to go.

Until my wife or kids hop on my PC and screw up the settings.

Have been able to loot all since launch by holding the interact wheel. I think this is why the decayed buildings are no longer lootable though, in an effort to prevent non clan members looting your corpse. If its not from your clan you can’t loot it.

Actually the twisted part is that while I game left-handed, I write with my right hand. :smirk:

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