Loot the corpse's of a clan memeber on PVE servers

On Official PVE servers you are only allowed to loot your own body, same with your own crafting stations and more.

Then you enter a clan and everything you own is now also the clans, meaning the clan can enter your base from before you joined and use the resources that you have gathered (as it should be)
But if we are out in the world and a clan memeber is killed and is spawned back at the base lets say on the other side of the map, why cant the surviving clan memebers help the now dead clan memeber with looting their body and bring their gear and inventory back to them.

If this is so people dont steal from each other when they are logged out, it could maybe be made so when you are in a clan together that you need to ask another clan member for promision to be able to loot their body, the request then need to be accepted by the other clan memeber just like a clan invite and this promision should also be able to be canceled again by both players who have this promision.

Also this is only a feature for looting a dead body not an uncocious body (logged out body) and it is meant to help the dead player not steal from them.

Same for my g-portal server unless there’s a setting I missed. Looting clan members would be great.

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