Im not sure why I even bother with Zendesk reports

So, following the instructions, I used Zendesk to report some foundation/altar spam.

I placed the report on 6/4/21.

Today, I received a message:

Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Whats the point in reporting things, if after 5 weeks, it hasn’t even been investigated, and they hope it has already improved on its own


Same here got my base surrounded by foundation spam reported with screenshots, video and etc and nothing. Thay maybe act if they are stormed by reports from all the server against the specific troll. And if they are blocking some public area, so if the problem is specific with one person, they dont care. Even if a troll get banned after two weeks the trolls can come back and to do the same.

Ok , I get your frustration , still why you don’t follow the directions instead of trying to humiliate an honest respond , would you prefer to get lies and promises ? If you still have issues contact them so they will proceed to investigation , yet I believe that if they disagree with you ,maybe the whole universe will understand your disappointment .
Relax , patience and everything comes to the one that can wait .


which directions didn’t I follow?
Its not an honest response its a boiler plate response.
Whom do you think I am trying to humiliate?

I contacted them, provided video evidence, and proceeded to wait.

After 5 weeks, I have been informed that the issue has not even been investigated.

I came here to report my dissatisfaction with the Zendesk process, which I did.

As they say they will not report on their findings, or any decision made, I have no choice but to wait, as you suggest.
However, when I get a notice that the issue has not even been investigated after 5 weeks, this certainly feels like a waste of my time to gather evidence and submit Zendesk tickets.


@Rollotomozi ,Well, that means that you resend the ticket about it or whatever they ask you to do for them to proceed on investigation .
Even if they didn’t proceed try to send again , don’t let your frustration guide you out of your goal . I believe already that people that report these actions are responsible players , but when you raise your voice you loose your right , try again , try harder , but keep it down , your first post give me an impression of a spoiled boy who wants it all , thank god your second response prove me wrong , keep it going m8 , don’t give up , at the end you will made it , yet I agree , they should respond faster :+1: .

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What are you trying to say here?

With all due respect, the OP’s post was in no way him raising his voice, he quite literally did it in the most polite and respectful way possible. The OP showed great restraint in this post in my opinion :slight_smile: If there are issues with the zendesk process, this is the place to voice them. The idea that you called him a “spoiled boy” from what he wrote in the first post is quite literally insane. He basically quoted what zendesk is for and said they haven’t done anything. Definitely didn’t seem to want it all, just a process that works.


Agreed. I have seen more and more of people getting personal with OP of threads. At some point the forums will chase off more players than spam.


@Coyote0903 ,His original post made me feel this way , why should I lie to him or to everyone ? His second post prove my worries wrong and I , very honestly , shared my opinions about it ,plus I support and admire what he does :woman_shrugging:t3: . I certainly don’t want to take this further , either you . let’s focus to the real problem that’s foundation spamming for land claim and zendesk delayed reaction .
@Rollotomozi , I mean nothing more that you already understand , keep it going , send reports again , but please if you are kind enough upload the videos you send on your zendesk report , thank you :+1:

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I do not really see the reason for submitting another ticket for an issue that I have already reported, since per the communication, they have not even investigated yet.

sending in more tickets for the same issue will just bloat the queue even more, making it more difficult for legitimate issues that require investigation to get the attention they need.

The video evidence you request will not be provided, as it includes names of players and clans, which I think is something that is frowned upon on the forums.


As you wish , still submitting another ticket wouldn’t be a problem , would it ?

lemme be honest for a sec.—
replying " We hope it has already improved on its own" is one of the worse sentence I could receive in this kind of situation…

• “Hey Doctor I’m feeling bad, my head keeps bothering me with heavy migraines, I followed your advices but I’m not feeling any better, what should I do now?”

  • “Oh hey what? Ah yes yes the migraines, sorry I didn’t have time to research about your issue, hope your sickness improved on its own…”

This is not an honest reply, this is brown sheet, replying that you hope that an issue (any kind) can resolve on its own is simply …wow, I don’t know… amazing!
In a bad way.


I’m sorry to hear that OP, the best encouragement I could offer is to try and make the move to private servers. The onus is then on server admins to take personal responsibility for the health of their server. Ill be honest I think even Funcom believes this is the best way to play the game, given their general lack of response on Official reports. (Not that I think that is a bad position for them to take)

The meta surrounding Official servers is always going to be challenging for Funcom to manage I think. Unfortunately whomever can resort to toxic behavior first and not be reprimanded for it is at a massive advantage. Even if they are reprimanded later, they have effectively ruined the server’s reputation for some time until people return to it. For reference, when I say toxic I only mean a willingness to push the boundaries on what is TOS breaking. Using horses, lances, numbers isnt toxic its just meta. Spamming foundations/alters, blocking things, undermeshing 100% is. Going to officials and seeing lines of foundations everywhere is terribly sad imo, ruining a beautiful world and other players experience for the sake of feeling powerful.

Go check out some private PVP servers, you can fine tune your desired experience. Plus as a whole that group is good a weeding out the bad seeds and managing their things.


I got the same response for 3 tickets. It has become the new standard.
Official servers are a no man’s land at this point.

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The Funcom disencourage discussions about rule infractions in the forums, they generally come and throw zendesk link on us and close the thread, but i think that we need to talk more and more about it, if they are a company that listen the players (and i think they are) at some point they will have to listen us about those questions too, they should raise it a little up on the priorities list to keep the health of the game. I was playing for six months and in my perception the insatisfaction is growing kickly about this matter. May with the char transfer we could flee from trolls, jumping beetween servers bringing with us at least 208 most important itens / thralls.

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That’s the impression that I am getting as well.

They might not close this thread, but hopefully they are gathering enough information from the zendesk reports to either come up with a solution such as a building limit, or a “over build warning”, or perhaps a global ban on a few bad actors.

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We all wish they could process reports faster. However, I don’t think that the message you got means what people seem to assume. Maybe it’s me, but this sounds like “We’re swamped and didn’t get to do the work you asked us to. Do you still need help or can we close this ticket?”

Again, is this good? No, it should be better. But there’s also nothing dishonest about it (as some people here claimed), nor it is a sign that they don’t care (as others have said).

Yeah, it sucks that they don’t have enough people and good tools for them to use. There’s nothing wrong with voicing your discontent over that, but I would also encourage you to reply to the message they sent you and state that you still need assistance.


I did.

I took it as a boiler plate response, with essentially the same interpretation. But the wording doesn’t give me very good feels.


I agree due to the back log (cough cough Spam cough cough) it makes it hard to keep up. I take this as they may be getting to it very soon, but they are double checking status before they put the man hours to it.