We need real support

Hi, I’m not the type to complain about everything and blame the developers for everything without understanding the work behind it.
But it is also true that an online game needs constant support, if there are problems in the game, they should be solved as soon as possible, especially if we are talking about serious but easily solved problems.
So, I wonder, how long do I have to wait for support to do anything about my report? It doesn’t seem that hard for Funcom to log into the server and check if clan ‘‘x’’ is actually breaking the rules. Instead, my ticket has been open but unanswered for almost a week.
And in the meantime the clan that is playing dirty has built huge bases all over the server (using the bug to duplicate, fortunately patched) and continues to expand by raiding anyone and building walls that block the passage. They also raided me, which bothers me a lot as both myself and others on the server had reported these players days earlier. This is not good, what is the meaning of rules in the server if reporting is useless or at best you have to wait who knows how long to get a response?
I am angry but above all I am frustrated because I would like to return to play, but the fear that if I meet cheaters, I would not have the certainty of a ban for them, makes me lose the desire to dedicate my time to this game. I don’t like the idea of ​​playing on private servers, I just wish the Funcom support worked a little bit faster.


Welcome to the forum fellow exile! I do understand your frustration, I have a lot of people in multiple chats that the last days literally bombing Zendesk with multiple reports and repeats of their report because they had no answer. I don’t believe that the employees working in there are many but the reports can be literally thousands! Not only for building violations, but for other matters too. Server crushing, server performance, item spawn missings, Crom coin issues, teleport issues… Long list. The nusty part is that some people are so immature that send reports to Zendesk because somebody was trying to climb in their house in a pve server and damage their fence :person_facepalming:t3:. And maybe send it five times because Zendesk didn’t respond yet :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
YES, you cannot imagine what I am reading to chats every day from a handful of people, just imagine what’s going on globally :confused:. So patience my friend, if there’s a violation they will act, count on it :+1:t6:.

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Think yourself lucky…

I raised a ticket regarding MASSIVE land claim in Siptah, only for a reply over a month later:

'Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.’

It didn’t improve on itself. Infact, it got worse. Much worse. I took plenty of screen grabs of the offending base, and the serious land claim, only to be met with another month of silence before getting exactly the same email back.

Customer service is DEAD in this game, which is a crying shame as this game is awesome and deserves to be treated so much better by its staff.

Good luck with regards to your ticket. I hope you don’t end up in the same boat as me, but I fear for the worst.


For sure, especially now that we have a cash shop, i bought the battle pass and a lot of stuff on bazaar and could not play the game last two day because official server problems, poeple will say i can play single player, but its not fair on my opinion i bought CEfisrt time because it is an online game. I really would like to move to another or a private server, if i was able to carry my stuff with me, its pointless for me having to start a base over and over.

Official monthly wipes?

Any interest in this?

Welcome to the forums @Sorellinator!

I do understand your frustration. As someone who does work on Zendesk tickets frequently, this is a sentiment that I am all too familiar with. A lot of players think the turnaround time on Zendesk tickets is too slow. We have taken steps to improve ticket response times. This includes new hires. But it’s not as easy as just sitting a body in a chair and telling them to go. It’s going to take time to train new support staff and for them to establish a good workflow. All we can do is ask for your patience on that front.

It’s not entirely true that building infractions are easy or fast to deal with. Some of the speed at which these issues are solved depends on the clarity of the evidence provided. A screenshot of the map pinpointing the location of the infraction is incredibly helpful, and will do wonders for accelerating an investigation. But many players don’t bother to include this in their reports. We then have to ask them for that information and this just adds unnecessary time to the resolution.


Awesome news


Dont forget to teach common sense to the new hires, as well as the old ones.

Since you work on tickets, could I get your honest opinion. Do you think people who use exploits (building in the sky, undermeshing, duping, speed hacks etc) deserve a shorter 2 week ban compared to people who get banned for 1 month for “land claim” abuse (this includes bridges over water NOT spam)?


Is this exclusive to Zendesk? Or will there be moderation beyond it?

Our internal documentation does offer our staff guidelines for how to handle each specific exploit. In general, the more severe or impactful they are to the server, the greater our response will be.

Land claim abuse does not get a 1 month suspension for first offense. That would have been the 2nd offense. I’d also point out that “speed hacking” is generally not considered an exploit but a hack, which has even harsher penalties.

I think there is room for greater leniency for some cases. It is something we consider internally all the time.

Hope I’ve gotten to the heart of your question. I’m kind of just reacting to everything you said on the spot.


We only address issues on Funcom’s Official Servers.

Owners of private servers are allowed to enforce any rules they wish.


You did, Im happy to see your response.

I can also tell you, its incorrect. My first and only ban for “land claim” started between then night of October 22 ( last time I was on) and October 24 (notice of ban). The ban is until November 18th. Pretty darn close to 30 days (27-29 depending on the start)

The reply from my appeal Zendesk was an automated response saying temporary bans are not negotiable.


Thanks for your reply, and apologies if I was unclear. Basically what I am asking is if there will be active moderation on official servers and not just reliance on Zendesk > wait for review > then action

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Appreciate your attention to this post
Don’t play much on official at the moment but we do to tempting to cheat on our private server’s. Its their use me use me. Slapping hands didn’t hurt that much. LOL @Umborls

I think that the people who intentionally do malicious things either to gain advantages or to purposely ruin other people’s games should be permanently banned, period… whether it’s an exploit a hack or anything.

Building offenses on the other hand should be investigated and yet again judged by their maliciousness.
For example if someone just stuffs a bunch of pointless torches in a building with the sole purpose of lagging out people passing by, that yet again should be perma-ban on the first go, no questions asked.
But if someone has an actual building that has a purpose but it’s a bit too large… that’s the point where they should communicate more and be more lenient and ask them to downsize first via a warning - explain the issue itself.
(I believe they already have such distinctions through those internal guidelines, they’re just lacking the communication part and the leniency when it’s clearly not malicious, someone just got a bit carried away and would probably downsize of their own will if they knew it’s bothering someone or causing issues).

Why so harsh you wonder? Because I don’t think it’s harsh… While if this was some active paid subscription then you’d have some “right” to negotiate and they’d probably have to be more lenient with you (even if they know you were a bit of an a-hole :smiley: ), it is not a service though… and you’re only getting banned from the free Funcom servers, not from the game you bought - which you are free to continually use on other servers. So it’s not like world of warcraft suspending your account and preventing you from playing for example, it’s just them saying (like any other private server owner could) that they don’t want you on their servers.

As for @Umborls , I’m surprised they addressed this as I would avoid such a “fishing” question from a mile away in their place :stuck_out_tongue: It’s never good for them to express personal opinions as they might get lynched for it in another thread 5 months from now or someone taking what they say out of context and claiming they “promised” changes.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be harsh here like I said… I just think that if people can’t have a nice spirit of competition and any sense of fairness then that’s not really the people we should be collecting. And I am aware how far away we are already from that…
(Edit: just to clarify whenever I say “you” I mean the generalization and not you personally ofc!)

As someone in the same field, i understand completely.

Ive actually got another target unfortunately, but i want to see if i can get a hold of the offender before i report them.

I have little trust or expectation that things will change, we have heard the same song and dance for a while now. But that said I do wish you the best in your efforts and thank you for sticking with it.

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Hello and thanks for the reply. As proof I sent everything: screenshots of the bases, of the point on the map, of how the main way to reach sepermeru passing through the initial area has been blocked, and how such a thing was done even in the jungle. I don’t really care about the huge base, I can be patient and wait for support, but it really annoys me that these players have blocked the way, they are playing dirty and they are ruining the game experience of the whole server. Why can they do what they want and we have to submit? And even if I decide to trust you and wait, do I have the certainty that they will be banned and that I will not receive a response like the one the previous user received?

I would really like to trust you because conan exiles despite the bugs and all the downsides, it remains one of the best online games I have ever played. So I ask you please not to abandon us, the game deserves a lot, don’t let it die.

Uh, how is that possible? Do you mean the path that goes past the Dregs Dungeon, south of the Undead City towards Sepermeru? Becuase that cannot be blocked since the UC is a no build zone. You could just go around it.

I am dealing with near the exact same situation and the same waiting times and understand the frustration, they just build more and more wherever we raid them out not cleaning up after themselves there is a shack every 20 feet in brimlake and they love to brag about their infinite resources in global.