Please have patience with zendesk

Oskar can only get so much done in his 6 hour/4 day work week :smile:

Yes but since we got the QoL age, zendesk is the next issue to kick around.

I think most of us can agree the way zendesk does things needs to be revamped. The report system needs updating, the response system needs updating as does notification system.

I think the report system needs to be taken out of the menu and put on the repair hammer.
Then you select “report player”. The usually add email menu pops up and includes the information the hammer shows you as well as the foundation location.
You add any further details you feel necessary to your return email report and soon get an automated “We have your report and will investigate”.
When the ticket is resolved the reporter will get a “your report has been resolved” notification.

The reported player will get an in game notification on login that they are in violation of funcoms public server TOS, which rule, and how. And be given a week to resolve it. Admin will be given notice if/when the TOS offense has been edited.

Yes I know but I don’t know how else to affect change. These are ideas I think will make for a better game, and I already know quite a few people think changes need to be made. Maybe not these changes, and that is what these threads are about.


You really don’t want the game handling your email address. There’s a reason why all that stuff is handled outside.

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When I file a report in game the first thing it asks for is my email.
You’ve got to have used the in game report system at least once, right?

I have functioned as the ‘ingame support’ for a few years for the variety of servers I’m on.

But if that’s how it works… I recommend using something other than your primary email then.

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But people have said we can trust Funcom? I used my email when I reported twice a number of years back, aint had nothing bad happen.

As to the OP:

What Id love to see, is a simple reply from Zendesk on these forums:

“We receive approximately XXX number of tickets per day and have roughtly XXX number of tickets to deal with”

Hearing the same old “we are experiencing an unusual amount of high tickets” BS is just that. BS. Id like to hear actual numbers so we have ideas as to how busy they may or may not be, and how many reports actually go in.

I reported and reported, I keep losing mats and mats to these hackers/exploiters. They finally got my last cache and I have nothing, I’m so done.

I had a friend got banned for 2 weeks for a few vaults outside their base when these people have so much damn spam around their bases and that isn’t even taking account they hack/exploit/ have mesh and fly bases.

I don’t know where the justice is.


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