Has any heard back from zendesk?

As the title says, has anyone heard back from zendesk with any more then a canned; not actually an answer, response?

I’m honestly curious, I see posts like the above quite often, but not seen a “thanks for resolving my issue zendesk”. Is anyone actually getting any satisfaction from zendesk?

I got an answer the time I needed to submit a ticket.

Were you satisfied with the answer?

I reported a few blatant TOS violations and got a canned “we’re so busy” and nothing was done.
I’m just curious if anyone has gotten an explanation for the actions server admin has taken?

You generally don’t see threads like that on any gaming forum though… unless the service was really exceptional and people wanted to share that particular experience.

Ya, but I see a lot of threads about no response or canned responses. I’ve given mine; 3 “we’re sorry we’re busy hope it solved it’s self”. And gave up file TOS violation reports.

Would like to know there is more to zendesk then just that.

Probably just depends on the nature of the issue. In my case, it was the latrine fix; less than 24 hrs to a solution with a clear “we fixed it for ya” style response. As to funcom server related requests, I dont see many of those as likely to get a response… just my pragmatic side.

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Depends on the issue you need support with.

Ban requests are handled in a private way, and you won’t hear back from them confirming anything.

I pointed to a mod response purposely. I see the “question regarding a Zendesk investigation or questions regarding the status of your Conan Exiles account” on a lot of posts, usually base wipes, or bans/time outs. But never a “hey got a response from zendesk”. Or better yet, “hey I got an explanation from zendesk”.

Has anyone that has a “question regarding a Zendesk investigation or questions regarding the status of your Conan Exiles account” ever gotten an explanation?

Issues related to zendesk belong on the zendesk platform, not here on the forum.

You only see posts about “no response” from abvious offenders who are in denial of their own wrong doings and keep spamming these forums to create false awareness and pose as victims.

So people arent even allowed to talk about if they even got a response from Zendesk that wasnt the typical automated response?


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That is a totally separate question.

Just because you may not like the resolution doesn’t mean there isn’t a response at all.

That would be an assumption. Just like I’m assuming no one gets an explanation from zendesk. If they did why not come on and say “Hey, filed with zendesk to find out why my build got wiped. Apparently where I built it blocked a miniboss spawn”. Or something of that nature.

I trying my best to not assume zendesk never gives people the explanation they request.

True. Just because I was sorely disappointed in the 3 responses I got, doesn’t mean everyone is. And those are the people I have yet to fond on this forum.

Only got answered using the in game help button, they sent you a e-mail and you had to reply with your case, the problem was solved. Using the site only gave auto replay telling they hope problem solved by itself!

I can’t say about Funcom’s Zendesk service specifically, but it’s pretty common practice to ask customers to keep their communication private and not publish the customer service replies online. Many Zendesk communiques contain private information that is protected by law, so obviously the customer service people cannot comment on them publicly, and copy-pasting their responses to a public forum where they cannot further comment on the case feels questionable. We couldn’t even confirm whether the alleged quotes from a customer service person are real.

So, although I’m reasonably certain that “I got a reply from Zendesk after x weeks and they solved my problem” is fine, going into further details would be at least somewhat problematic.

And how many of those do you see in this thread? “The silence is deafening”.

Figure I’ll give this another day before I draw my conclusions.

The OP didnt ask for specifics in their question. Rather, it was just if people had gotten an actual human response and not the typical automated response. Then, they asked if you were satisfied with that answer.

At no point was it asked for details of their issues.

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The last human response via Zendesk was in September 2021 where I was given a simple explanation for the inquiry. It answered my question, educated me and helped me to understand a suspension.

10 months later, similar situation and recieved a canned response which was a copy of the in game suspension notice. No explanation, no understanding, no education. A human may have selected the appropriate template and pressed send but it was nothing that we’re led to believe. All clan members got the same.

In my time on this forum and discussions with players elsewhere I have gleaned that their processes have changed substantially. They are overwhelmed. They are not providing explanations any longer.

I have also reported hackers and received the canned response of “hope the situation has resolved itself”. Had to reply and received a response that the ticket was resolved days later. Can confirm that the hackers did not show up after that. It took almost a month for a resolution and 3 weeks before receiving the first response. But this is not the case for everyone. Often even after a reply that indeed they are still in need of help there is no resolution. The ticket is closed or goes unanswered.

I do not know if they ever have any intention of explaining their processes to us and while I can agree that most inquiries about reports should remain within the Zendesk platform they’ve lost confidence and convoluted it.

Consider that if someone is inquiring about a suspension or ban their only option is ban appeal. You can’t appeal a suspension as per ToC. They removed the option for general inquiry.

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The last time I created a Zendesk ticket for Conan Exiles was in February of this year, during the authentication problems. The ticket type was “Official Server Performance”. As usual, I only got the automated reply, but I never expect a human reply for tickets of that type. The purpose of these reports is to alert the people need to know that the server(s) shіt the bed again. If I ever get a reply from a human for a ticket of that type, I imagine it will be a follow-up requesting more information.

The only time I created a Zendesk ticket to report a violation of official server rules was in July of 2022. I got two human replies within 24 hours of submitting my ticket. The first reply indicated that they would investigate my report. The second reply indicated that they investigated and took action according to their policies, but that they wouldn’t disclose the details for security and privacy reasons. I logged in later that day, and found that they had nuked the build I reported, along with several other builds belonging to other players who were also breaking the rules.



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