Zendesk ticket not answered for nearly a week

On Sunday our clan was suspended. I’m pretty sure it was due to landclaim abuse. We were at war with a clan and had extended the size of our bases to deter them being able to raid us easier, and I’ll be the first to admit that we likely were a bit out of control. If that was the reason I can absolutely take responsibility for that and we’ll take it as a lesson learned.

However, when we attempt to login we just get a message saying that suspension details are not retrievable. I filed a ticket with zendesk on Monday morning. The only response I’ve gotten is a copy paste “please read the TOS and provide all of the details you’ve already provided in your ticket”. I’ve received that same message three times. We still have not been informed as to why exactly we were suspended or for how long.

What gives? Why is zendesk so absolutely useless?

Suspension from funcom is usually 2 weeks .

That’s the assumption that we’re going with, it would just be nice if they would actually respond.

If it was your first ban then yes im sure its 2 weeks so not long and you can return🙂

I got permanently banned and ive been waiting 3 weeks for a response to see if i can get unbanned

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