Help pls.. Access Denied - Failed to retrieve suspension information

Dear friends,
All my clan was baned but we cannot see the reason and duration of the ban. What I need to do to know what happened? I not receive any warnings or email and didn’t break the rules.

Filing a Zendesk ticket is your best bet. Funcom never comments on suspensions or bans on the public forums.

People have reported that Zendesk isn’t often very useful either, but it’s the only official channel with any hope of getting an answer.

Qestion was - where I can see time for ban and reason… I have only message - “Failed to retrive suspension information” - Is this OK?
This is first time I got ban and dont know is this OK and funcom not inform player about reason of ban and time for ban?

First time ban is either one week or two weeks depending on on the reason, you can ask on the zendesk form about that, so maximum 14 days on first time.

Greetings Exile,

As suggested, please submit a ticket under “ban appeal” and ask your clan mates to do the same. We’ll also reach out to you in private to request more information to determine if this is a bug on the system itself that needs to be reported.

Make sure to check your forum notifications. Thanks in advance!

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Yeah that’s incredibly false. My first ban was 30 days for land claim. Second is five weeks.

They can claim that your first ban is only 7 days but it’s a lie. Your ban is whatever the person banning you decides. And since we know Funcom can’t communicate, more then likely the one doing the banning has no idea “the first ban should be seven days”

Sometimes the reason for the ban can affect the severity of the penalty, too. There are, or at least should be, some infractions where perma-ban is the only proper action even if it’s the person’s first infraction.

Despite how it may seem on the forums, some bans and suspensions are actually deserved, and not everyone is “falsely banned” despite pleading not guilty.

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Cheating is the only reason why people should get an instant ban. Everything else should result in a warning with an explanation that states what exactly they did wrong and a timeframe to fix what is against the tos. This is the right way to treat their customer. Because most people do not even know that they are doing something wrong.

If someone builds a wall around their perimeter they shouldn´t get a simple landclaim message, because most people will not even understand what that means. Instead they should get a message that says: hey, you have build a wall around your base and that wall is against our rule, please remove it until day … otherwhise we will take this and that action and this will result in a supsension.

People feel punished for no reason right now and that only leads into a high amount of frustration. A that frustation leads into hate against Funcom.

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I’d have to put certain abusive language on that list.

I’m told it’s TOC :wink: But a lot of people agree. You can’t learn from a punishment with out a lesson. You can’t know what you did wrong with out an explanation. And you’d be surprised how many on PVE would rebuild if given a warning with explanation.

I know it will cost a bit more but both Conan and funcom could use the reputation boost.

Case in point. Here, oh I don’t know a month or so ago, a megabuild got admin wiped. Cutting through the place where the keep was I see the same clan building the same thing over again. I’m quite sure while the clan was doing their time outs they blamed the reporter, because they weren’t doing anything to violate the TOC.

You know I have been all over this subject, yes it is my pet peeve. Now I’ve read the rules, seen the examples and use them as a guide. Despite what some may want desperately to believe about me, as long as your build doesn’t look like a example of a TOC violating build I don’t give a flying fornication.

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Sure, but it’s all based on what the person doing the banning feels. It’s not written in stone like people think. One person may see an infraction and think “oh that’s just 7 days”. The next might look at it and think “oh he needs 30 days to think about what he did”.

We don’t know, they don’t know, but we sure find out!

And until Funcom becomes a company that targets cheaters and exploiters that build under the mesh, sky based and behind the green wall over people who build “too much” they won’t hear many nice things from me.

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Do you have evidence for this? I mean, that Funcom admins don’t have internal guidelines for penalties, or that those guidelines are largely ignored by the admins.

Because all we really see is a collection of anecdotes of people on the forums claiming to have got an x-day suspension or ban for something for which we have only the culprit’s own description. But, due to privacy regulations etc. Funcom cannot disclose their version of the events in public, so we hear only the banned people’s side of the events. And most of them don’t seem to admit doing anything wrong in the first place, so we don’t exactly have an abundance of objective data at our disposal.

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Personal experience. They claim that first bans for building infractions is 7 days. Umborels I think it was stated that in the thread on it. My first ban was 30 days for a bridge.

Others have claimed longer bans than advertised too.

And what other evidence is there? If you deny players experience because it may be wrong or skewed, we can also dismiss Funcoms as well for the same reason.

You don’t have to believe me, or anyone else on the forums. I see no reason for people to lie about something like that when taking about bans. I don’t have to believe one guy that gives an explanation on if from Funcom because he isn’t the one handing out the suspensions.

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So they told you it was just for a bridge. I thought not being forthright with why was one of the issues? Or is that a myth?

When you set up your own server, feel free to make that a rule. Server owner/renter can make any rule they wish, can enforce it anyway they wish, and can restrict access for any reason or no reason at all.

No one has a right to play on Funcom rented servers. Everyone who plays there is a guest that can have their access restricted or removed for any reason, no reason, or at any whim.

If it was the only thing that was admin wiped its easy to deduce that it was “just a bridge”

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t your ban prior to the typical ban length/excursion clarification statement?

What I find amusing is we are on the opposite ends of zendesk.

No you can’t, and I’d bet you have no idea why.

And why should we believe other wise? Catch a 4 year old with their hand in the cookie jar and the first thing out of their mouth is going to be a lie. “What do you think doing”? “nothing”.

Or when some one goes on about doing nothing wrong, in their minds they may not have. That doesn’t mean they are lying.

Read the TOC bridges are a no no. Needs to be discussed because you can’t swim with the new treasures, my idea was a raft big enough for the treasure, and you have to swim push to. But I wont report an up off the water simple bridge. Unlike my neighbors in game that is big enough to have 8 full pet pens on it :roll_eyes:

erjoh when some one; say Nemisis, has been banned a few times for building infractions, do we really we really think their definition of the TOC is the correct one?

I try to take everyone by their initial words. If the story doesn’t add up when details happen, then you address that. I’m not perfect and so I can’t hold anyone else to that standard either. We all have our faults and I just try to be open to people. Not because I don’t see a trend or a history but because change can happen; even my own PoV when I get understanding on where they are coming from and from their PoV it makes sense. If I expect others to be open to my words, I have to be open to theirs.

Please note that doesn’t mean I’m not a dick. Just means I try to be a fair dick.

(when Nemisis says “bridge”, read: Giant overhead highway spanning several map squares)


It was. A bridge is landclaim and Funcom says its a no no.

Which it was. We had all our bases, maprooms and wheel bases untouched. Only the bridge was wiped. It was a clear cut case of what the violation was, but sadly, its not enough proof for some.

Thats a good question, I dont know. It was before decay timers were changed to 10 days from 7, so I think it was under the old rules. Either way, Im fairly certain 30 day bans for landclaim arent the usual for 1st time offenders. My second time now was 5 weeks, but I really dont care about the length. What I found funny about it was that I never changed a single build, never expanded anything in well over a year. Maybe even two years.

Yes I can. Ive proven that they state one thing, then do something different. You dont need to believe it, but since I have personal experience in the matter, I will believe me over Funcom. Especially when the guy explaining bans, doesnt do the actual banning.

I guess it comes from me being raised to be honest. Lying in my life doesnt gain me a single thing, other then to tarnish my name, and who wants to live life like that? Decent upbringing I guess may explain alot about how some people act, act towards others and their general attitudes.

I never tried to define what is or isnt an infraction. I disagree extremely with what Funcoms rules are for building on PvP servers. I have no issue saying that a bridge violates their landclaim. I think its incredibly stupid that something you can place a bomb on and destroy needs to be a violation, especially when you consider how undermeshers and skybases still exist after being reported. Big difference.

Must be a cultural difference in definitions.