Funcom [64560] Bug Report ACCESS DENIED - Failed to retrieve suspension information

## Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2500

Bug Description:

Attempting initial login, when the game begins to load, I’m tossed back to the server list and presented with a window message: “ACCESS DENIED - Failed to retrieve suspension information.”

According to the OFFICIAL RULES, when a suspension occurs the in-game message will provide details of the infraction and duration of the suspension.

What does it mean, then, if the suspension information cannot be retrieved? Is this a 3.0 bug?

I’d share a screen cap but new users cannot upload images.

Bug Reproduction:

Trying to start again on ANY official server gives me the same message.

I submitted a Zendesk Ticket (Funcom [64560] Bug Report) and the ticket is already ‘solved’ and the automated message received to file the bug report here to keep it visible, and here I am.


Hello there @RumorNli!

Thank you for reporting this situation to us.

Regarding the message displayed, this seems to be related to suspensions as opposed to a bug, for this reason, I recommend submitting a ticket so our dedicated team can provide you with further details.

@RitualGround - thank you for your reply. Ticket #63201 submitted already.

How can this not be a bug?

The official rules state the reason for suspension and the duration will be displayed in-game. This message gives NO such information.


Wouldn’t that make it more likely to be a bug if it’s happening to more than one person on the same server. My whole clan is denied. Guess I’m going to have to open yet another ticket.


Finally - an official update thru Zendesk:

“Your account has been temporarily suspended from playing on official servers for 14 days as a warning due to claim spam. Your suspension should end on the XX of September.”

Very frustrating it was almost half way into the 14 days of suspension. I still think the message I’ve been seeing is a bug.

Good Luck @o.Gnodra.o

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