Submitted ticket to Zendesk 18 days ago, still no reply

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3790

Bug Description:

Error: “Failed to retrieve suspension information”

Bug Reproduction:

Attempt to login

Our clan was suspended 19 days ago, we have still received no answer from Zendesk as to why or how long this suspension is. I assume it was for landclaim abuse as we did have a lot build throughout the map (as did several other clans who as far as we have been told just went ahead and built wherever we were as soon as we were admin wiped). I also assumed it would be a 14 day ban as our clan has never received any kind of suspension or warning since we began playing shortly after release of the game. The situation is really becoming irritating, as we have all put a lot of money into this game after purchasing every DLC over the years and now with the Bazar have purchased everything from the store. I have submitted two additional tickets that have had no response as well as emailed funcom customer service, who promptly emailed me and told me to submit a ticket. I understand that these issues are intended to be handled by Zendesk, however, Zendesk is not handling this at all and the fact that there is zero assistance if Zendesk just chooses to ignore you is shocking to me.


I have never had satisfaction through zendesk. Not at all sure why funcom puts some much faith in it. It certainly doesn’t seem to work as intended.

Regardless this is not how you treat customers.


You will never get anything more then an automated response out of Zendesk, and, if it was a ban for land claim, there is no point in asking for a ban reversal because they will not lift temporary bans on people, even if Funcom is in the wrong.

Best thing you can do is just wait it out, my guess is that it is a 20 day ban, as Funcom hopes their decay system will take care of wiping any last buildings or claim you may have that they missed. Despite their own claims that first time bans are “usually” only a week or two at most, my first and only ban was 30 days.

Good luck in whatever happens, but expect zero from Zendesk and Funcom.


Thank you for replying.

I understand the system and why it works the way it does. My only beef, really, is that adding monetization to the game should really come with more customer service. We pay to play now, we should be receiving more information and not be ignored when there is an ongoing issue.


Even if it was a land claim issue, it’s the only game I know of that suspends/bans for land claim.

It’s frankly embarrassing how they’re not clarifying, explaining and responding to the inquiries via Zendesk; of which they have expressly instructed is the proper way to ask why/what/how.

If and when they finally do decide to respond to you it won’t be anything that brings clarity anyway. It will be a copy/paste of the original suspension message you should have received in game.

This entire system needs a rework. It’s something I’ve been pushing and hoping for… for close to a year as a result of my own unceremonious suspensions.


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