Fail to retrieve suspension information on xbox?

I play on the xbox series S and are unable to log into official servers. Was playing on a solo server this morning no problem then switched over to play on an official server I was on last night and received the access denied message. Have no idea what happened, Very upsetting since I just bought the battle pass and wanted to do some grinding. How do I fix this?

I’ve been having the same problem for hours. Error message says “access denied. Failed to receive suspension information”. At this point, after reading everyone’s problems, I will assume the server is down.

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Thanks for the heads up on that, I hope that’s what it is, can’t imagine what I did to get banned. Fingers cross they get it fixed soon! At least solo and private servers are still working.

This happened to me mate a few months back. Turns out someone reported you for violation of terms of service. They took screen shots and then submitted a report, then an admin person arrived to look over your build, and likely destroyed your build and locked you out for two weeks. Have a mate run by and check your base out for confirmation. Sorry. But you can recover from it.

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Ouch, thanks for the info. I was hoping it was just something to do with the update, I’ll have a buddy run by and see if anything’s left. Guess its solo sever time till they clear me.:expressionless:

It doesn’t seem likely that this has anything to do with a reported violation. I was on at 1:45 AM and everything was fine, at 6:30 AM no such luck. I mean I guess anything is possible, but in my 41 years of gaming I’ve never been banned from the game EVER which is why I was thinking it was an issue with the update.

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Yeah the message you receive is the clue. But, ask zendesk. They actually get back to you with the details of any suspension.

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Thank you!

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