Failed to load suspension information!

until the day before yesterday everything worked normally, now when i want to join an official server this message “Failed to load suspension information” comes up immediately… on single player and private servers i can join normally !!

Have I been banned from Funcom???
I’ve been playing since release and I’ve NEVER had a problem, what’s going on???

While suspension information is broken for many at the moment, you can send a ticket through Zendesk to request the reason for your suspension.

Please take a look at the ToC and land claim abuse threads to see if it is possible you may have violated the rules.

Keep in mind that the only Request Type in the Zendesk form that is close to this topic is “Ban Appeal”. As outlined in the ToC, they do not overturn suspensions.

If you’d like to join our discussion regarding a warning system, please check it out here.

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so now i found out that two other colleagues have had the same problem on the xbox since wednesday…

dear funcom, why were 3 players banned who didn’t do anything wrong, we play every 2 days for 2-3 hours. and that’s why you get banned ???!!!

You will not get an answer on here from the staff.

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I’m sorely disappointed in how Funcom treats players who have been there since day one! we only play pure PvE and so the ban is even more incomprehensible because we have not had any problems with anyone nor blocked anything big, except where we wanted to build.

If the accounts are not unlocked, further cooperation between the other two players is no longer necessary. This is not a threat, it is simply where we say: STOP"!

I like to repeat myself again, we haven’t done anything wrong and I’ve never experienced anything like that before, I’m banned from playing, I’m shocked!!!

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PLEASE PUT in your your ban report they won’t be on until Monday Oslo time hopefully it can be fixed. @RSGAMING

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Thanks for the support, report has already been submitted…I hope that funcom will see the unlocking of the accounts.

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Good luck to you. My wife and I have been bouncing between private and official servers recently unfortunately we are ps4 or we would happily invite you

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