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Online Official, Player Vs Environment Conflict: Europe.
PlayStation 5 machine. Solo player.

I have recently been suspended from Conan gameplay for reasons unknown. The server is giving me the message “Failed to retrieve suspension information”. I have made a ticket & hopefully will get the answers I seek, but in the meantime I have you, that is, for more information & to postulate on possible pathways to avoid this in the future.

I have several bases on two servers, one for Siptah & the other for Exiles but I’m not sure what I’m doing to have earned the suspension, is it a bug? Also, If I had been found to be using an exploit or hack it would be an outright ban, but this is not the case so what else could this be? I have a full set of altars on both servers & these take up a lot of space to place & build around, but so have other players! As the whole server population hasn’t been wiped for this behaviour, why would I alone be found to have had broken regulation? Well my difference here is that I leave on exhibition all that Conan has to offer, I have tables, statues, gaming furniture & silk sheets draped around large comfortable beds, mini statues, clusters of beer jugs with plates only bereft the food our characters need to dine on. In short, I feel I’ve made content that will attract the eye & please visitors who pass by, my doors are always open, unless I’m behind one & it’s blade swinging time.

Now the rules state that if other players are affected by the size of the plot, with frame rate issues or extreme lag then this would be seen as detrimental to player experience. Unfortunately we do not know what this limit is until it is reported. Is it 9k blocks, 3k furniture, higher or lower? Does the server alone determine the player navigation experience or does our machine come in to play?

My PS4 melted during the last heatwave, I bought a PS5 to get back to my bases as soon as I could, so are others having load issues where I now excel? I don’t know how their processing power is being effected, I sincerely need a set server target number here…. I feel no known negative load times or fps.

I have placed some thralls close to a three skull boss, more than seven blocks away, these are there to primarily to protect against the recent purge, but are they being viewed as a player exploit of some kind? Surely if it was, I would be permanently banned? These followers would have been sheltered in the base they where protecting after it was fully completed. This base was being built underwater, an Atlantean temple with sunken rooms, fully decorated, a vault at the very bottom which had to be swam to while diving the depths & a long bridge connecting to an island. Was this seen as a trap to somebody who could potentially drown in it after loosing their bearings? Bare in mind this was half finished, only the underwater segment existed. Hence no roof no thralls.

In Exiles & Siptah we need multiple bases to reach quickly when real life matters occur, door bell, phone call, unexpected visits etc, all require a fast exit & having a close base at one end of the map helps vastly in this situation. I generally build & decorate so it’s not an eyesore, not to base block, having one exception where I keep a cave open for unrestricted access through a mountain, this holds taxidermies & head trophy’s as a way to again entertain & exhibit the contents of Conans inventory. It’s very much fun to the beginner player & still can amuse myself after half a year or so. Is this a problem to rules & regulations?

Another option is player dissatisfaction, jealousy or malicious intent & is a subject I would like to steer away from, but people are people & this stuff goes on to evict players for their little piece of digital land or even as simple revenge, real life or in game. Obviously admin have the last say in the matter but this is the issue I’m having, I’ve had no explanation… plenty of thoughts, but no hard written communication.

It’s not that I may have lost all the buildings that I spent approximately 9 months on, it’s that I don’t know what I’ve done! How can I plan to rebuild if I’m unaware of the infractions? “They who make the same mistakes over & over, are destined for obliteration…”

Will someone please kindly elaborate for me.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Conan
  2. Build a lot
  3. Accumulate many thralls
  4. Get suspension
  5. Try to join favourite official servers
  6. Get Access Denied message stating “Failed to retrieve suspension information”
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In order for us to investigate your account and suspension information, please send us a Zendesk ticket here with the same information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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