Immersive/Mechanic Taskmaster + Fighter Thrall capturing

Hello, after reading through the hot topics I couldn’t find something regarding this.

I was thinking of an alternate Thrall capturing mechanic that would also allow travelling through water (at least water you can walk through), and increase the range of travel, not being limited to the drag distance of a binding.

It would involve having a taskmaster with or without fighters and introduce a new inventory item in a number of tiers to the game. It would go like this.

Firstly, the three items. A Slave Chain (or whatever name would be more preferred) That can be made from fibre, leather, rough leather, iron or steel. This could be done in multiple requirement recipes ■■■■ as twine/leather, leather/Iron, Iron/Steel etc to signify the requirement for a rope and cuffs.

Each would have a max limit to the thralls that it could contain such as thine/leather max 2, leather/iron max 4 and iron/steel max 8. This would represent the ease with which the chain could be broken.

Secondly the limit of thralls in the chain. I would determine this by the tier of the taskmaster multiplied by 2, to keep the limits equal with the chain capacities, would range from 2 at rank I to 8 at tier 4.

Thirdly would be the range or decay rate of the chain. I would suggest this being a timed event rather than a movement tick, as it would represent the amount of time the thralls would take to cohesively assemble an escape plan / break thier bindings. An initial timer of 2 minutes would be fair I think, and this would increase according to tier as well, since twine is easier to break than leather. Since Iron could feasibly be broken with enough force and time, the timer on iron would represent the amount of time the thralls could communicate with each other to devise an escape plan, this next copse of trees make a run for it, etc.

Time would be 2, 4 and 8 minutes respectively.

Now, the fighters. The role fighters would play in the chain gang would be to extend this timer before the slaves escape, as 4 people getting dragged along by one single person would undoubtably fanct their odds, but put a couple of big, burly dudes with him and they tend to think twice.

The mechanic I would use here, would be to tally the tier of all Thralls in the chain and compare that to that of the fighters. Depending on the tier difference would be the multiplier to the chain timer. In the event you have no fighters with the chain, the Taskmaster rank would be used, I would include the taskmaster rank here as well.

Taskmaster + Fighter rank is less than 1/2 of thralls in chain, time multiplier 0.5 (it’s alot easier to escape when noone’s watching!)
Taskmaster +Fighter rank is 1/2 - 2 times greater, the timer would remain at its default state. x1 multiplier
If fighter rank is more than double that of the thralls, it would make the timer infinite! Since the captives would most certainly be killed if they tried escape, or just herded back into a line, this would signify the captives just giving up on the idea of escape and becoming more docile and cooperative.

Lastly would be the mechanic used to add slaves to the Wheel of Pain when you get your new thralls here. This I would do with a script or trigger, where once the taskmaster is within a certain range of a Wheel of Pain they would process each thrall in line into the wheel.

Once the wheel was full, the thralls still in the line would continue to use the escape timer of the chain, and the taskmaster could not be picked back up.

So that’s my first suggestion, I hope you enjoyed reading it and would consider it for addition to the game at a later date.

All the best!

Oh! I nearly forgot… ADDING them to the chain. This could be done either by an option on the unconcious person to Add to chain (once you set up a taskmaster with the chain item in their offhand) or a radial option on the taskmaster to Add All to Chain where each unconcious in a medium/small sized area would be added to the chain, with the highest ranks being added first until the chain is full.

Maybe if the second was implemented an option for preference could be added, Ignore Fighters/Archers, ONLY get rank X and above Thralls, etc.

Because I’m silly and forgot to write more down, fighters could be added to the chain in the same radial menu method, and If horses are ever implemented into the game, The chain could be a saddle option for the horse, and the taskmaster/thralls would be assigned through that if it was given and inventory (where the thrall box would be taskmaster and the fighters would be in the inventory)