Immersive vs Non-Immersive

For over a decade, I have played games both ways. Immersive and non-Immersively (exploit). I preferred non-immersively when I was younger, as I was more interested in “how” things worked.

Instead of PVP, PVE-C or PVE.

It should be:

PV(P,E-C,E) - Immersive players
PV(P,E-C,E) - Non-Immersive players

I don’t know if anyone will hear what I’m saying, but maybe someone will.


Ignoring the “exploit” part for a moment, a lot of people barely even understand what immersion is. (And they can often cause a lot of problems for those of us that do.) A separate mode just for them is an interesting idea, but I’m pretty sure they’d fail to comprehend the difference anyway.

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People would be like:
…Let´s find exploits in the non-exploit-mode!

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Yeah, changing the name doesn’t change the fact that non-immersive (exploiters) are not trying to play fair and enjoy the actual game. They want to win at all costs or just ruin others fun. They would all still play the immersive servers. Most non immersive leave the server if someone punches them in the mouth squarely (usually another non immersive clan), and they can’t troll them back.

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And those that do may not all have the same idea of “immersion”.

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