Implement a Stasis Feature for Server Performance


I’ve been hosting a Conan Exiles dedicated server for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed something that stands out as strange to me. At times of the night with zero players online, the logs are still showing things happening on the server from the AI. Animals killing each other, path finding issues, etc.

To me this implies that the world is still alive and moving. If you could pause certain calculations outside of an effective radius of players I think it would increase performance and free up database operations.

Already exists

What he said :slight_smile:

It is easy to test this, put a bed and some stoves and cook a lot of something, get away, quit, relog, wait a long time, die, repawn in bed, click stove, and everything will cook very fast in front of your eyes like magic, because the stove was in stasis and you activated it, and you can exploit this a little bit by putting extra food to cook, that will be cooked instantly too … or it used to be like this, maybe they fixed it, i am not sure about that

Also, go somewhere where you will be alone, and let your horse be attacked, then die, now the location will enter stasis, when you come back your horse that should be dead wont be, if you get to it fast enough that is, but he will start to take damage again when you activate the cell

I hear you… but if that’s the case, why are NPCs out in the world dying when there’s zero players on the server?

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I swear, Conan Exiles’ codebase is haunted or something.

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Gportal Ps4 server shows activity when no one is on server I think it’s window dressing. I have checked before and after a restart or settings change. Even when server is down and unavailable still shows activity.

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question though: Will the horse regenerate while in stasis? if it does, its a good move to only go back there after a long while.

Probably doesn’t heal, just wan’t to confirm it :smiley:

Never tested it, maybe it does, but someone else could enter the cell if you take too long to get back

If anyone know for sure what is going on, pleae let us know :man_teacher:

There are certain things the server may be doing, but as far as animations exectuing, they are not. The server is still running a lot of calculations for time of day, purge rng update. purge meter decreasing, sandstorm timer, random rain calculations, etc… It is just not doing pathing and actual other “physical” stuff. It is possible the fighting for NPC’s could be the loops we see. when certain NPC’s render There is a spot by the archer in the mounds (forgot her name, up on a cliff). Just north is a King Moose and bear. Whenever i run through there, they fight in the same exact spot. Same with the 3 exiles and croc’s by shattered bridge. When all are rendered, they immediately go into a scripted fight. That is more than likely what is happening. Calculating that scenario without executing animations.


Thanks that makes sense
Motors idling waiting for us to get there and hit the throttle.

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