Please help me... In-game AFK timer?

Hi everyone,

I have a real problem with losing my body and everything with it when I play Conan because I fall asleep a lot while I’m playing the game. Is there any chance of adding a feature that would automatically kick you from the game if no user input was detected for a set period of time? That way you would be logged out before starving/dying of thirst but still be in the world sleeping for other players to kill if they come across you.

I know this is probably not likely to be added to the game. And I know I’m probably one of very few people with this problem. But I thought it would be worth a shot to ask.

My next question is: is there any way to do this with a 3rd party app somehow? Such as hotkeynet or something similar? It would have to be something like a reoccurring timer that resets after any mouse or key input, that kills the conan game process if it reaches 0.

Just thinking out loud here. I’ve lost an embarrassing amount of progress from doing this and any help would be a godsend…

I know I’ll probably get flamed for this, but oh well :frowning:

That’s possible, but you might have guessed, it may be considered cheating on (some) servers.

You probbably mean ‘do it yourself, ya lazy’. In which case, it’d be a good idea to do it yourself until I’ve found a statement for you on AFK timers, so you don’t break your own gaming experience. If you do fall asleep, just make sure you are able to ‘jump’ back to base. It saves you progress and only costs a little more time. If not, flaming is against the Community Guidelines.

I don’t really know what you mean by “jumping” back to base, could you elaborate? I am literally willing to pay someone to help set up a program that does this for me, it’s that much of a problem. I have a medical issue but I love this game too much to quit.

Coffee? Mountain Dew? Jolt Cola?
These could help.

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I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for or if you’re wanting a personal setting. This one does require an admin to set.


Mh I kinda doubt Ruinous is suffering from this, but I saw documentations in which people fell asleep a lot without being able to do anything against it. And thats not exactly nailing it. (More like them falling asleep anytime anywhere; sleeping for days and those things. I dont know how to exactly describe, as I only saw it once and - sorry - didnt really pay attention.) There are extremely weird diseases out there…

Instead of having people force themselves to play a game, I would suggest giving the body the rest it yearns for.
Though that comes from someone who doesnt really rest as much (or at times) she should, so… :sweat_smile:

Well is there a way to have windows act as if Conan Exiles acts like some browsing/similar activity?
I know energysettings can do this if the computer is idling or if there is no more input… :thinking:

Looks like what you want is what Fia posted, unfortunately it seems to be only applicable to servers at or near capacity.

I am fairly sure I could make something that auto-shutdowns CE after X minutes of inactivity, but I am not sure if it’d be permitted. In the absence of further info, I am assuming the lack of AFK-logout on the default settings/servers (unless the server is at capacity) is deliberate.

Personally I’d like it if all servers were set to auto-logout after 30 minutes of no activity from a player regardless of how many others are playing, but that’s just me.

I’m guessing that you are falling asleep whilst waiting for something to happen …eg waiting for daylight so you can see to fight, waiting for some crafting to finish.
So rather than than look for a way to get the game to kick you … which might leave you somewhere you don’t want to log back into if you were waiting where npc can respawn which might attack you whilst you are in a loading screen… use an external alarm … eg use the timer function on a tablet or phone … or portal cheap kitchen timer. Set it for 5, 10 or 15minutes so it wakes you if you fall asleep…

When I get tired, I log out.

Just thinking out loud here, but will you even survive 30 minutes without starving or dying of thirst? And that’s assuming you’ve topped off both right before you nod off. Even then a 30 minute AFK timer is just going to log out you’re naked body

I’m shocked to hear the game even has an AFK, because I’ve had occasions where I’ve died of starvation/thirst multiple times in a row when I forget to logout. Also, it’s entirely unhelpful (read: malicious) if it waits until you are dead before disconnecting you. Sometimes you have to AFK unexpectedly if a baby wakes up, the phone rings, or any other number of RealLife™ concerns.

IMO, they should at least make it so that if you are within range of a friendly thrall pot and well/fountain that your hunger and thirst remain topped off. Dunno if that would have any repercussions for PvP, but it would be a godsend for PvE while waiting on bricks to cook.

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This sounds good!

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Well it looks like the intention behind the current AFK implementation is only to kick inactive players in the event that the server is near capacity, not a very common event on most servers these days I think.

But yeah I know where you’re coming from, I had to leave the game in a hurry a while back (baby related emergency) and came back to some asshat having built a hut over and around my naked body. Not that Auto-AFK would have prevented that of course!

Scuse me for laughing, but this is the funniest troll i’ve heard of…

If the OP has an actual medical disorder, I admire him for taking on a game like Conan.

I think the best answer given here when someone said to use the pc sleep mode.
It’s not perfect, but won’t be flagged as a cheatmod either…

Or perhaps OP has a housemate that can be present when he plays. Headfones allow some privacy. Which reminds me about devices you wear and when they since one nodding off they ‘try’ to wake you. Designed for drivers I believe…

But mate, all things considered, bedroll often and always have a spare set of gear stashed in your base… Good Luck…

I would be for a “15 minute” to something timer. This would eliminate the AFK spot blockers as well. Code wise, it might be difficult though. Would need something that reset a code timer if you harvest something, attack and damage an NPC monster, drink water, eat food, or start a crafting station. if none of those actions takes place in lets say 10 minutes, you are given a warning, and after another 5 minutes it logs you out of game where you are. This would also help out the OP, as it would log him out.

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A friend of mine has narcolepsy which is what this could be.

I logged out once after entering my base with the door on autoclose, didn’t realize that someone had followed me in LOL. I came back about 15 minutes later and logged in… lo and behold there’s a body and the chat read “Hey Xath, Hey Xath! Let me out!”
Now I leave the doors open since I play on PVE.

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And here I thought Shaana was the only one to lock people in… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why don’t you play on a server that allows you to keep your equipment on death? That way, if you pass out and your character dies over and over, at least you’ll still have your stuff.

The option to turn it on for your own server is under Server Settings -> Survival -> Drop Equipment on Death

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