AFK timer that auto kicks players

If possible can we get a AFK timer that will kick players off servers who’ve been idle for longer than 20 minutes ? This should help cycle and free up some of the slots in the currently congested servers.


While I’m not against players taking advantage of the system, this is a HUGE problem with the limited servers. AFK timer should absolutely be implemented if they do not increase servers and capacity.

Although I’m not sure about 20 minutes, I would definitely want to see an AFK timer permanently implemented, it would help with the current issue of servers being full for long periods of time.
This feels especially important for PvP servers as I now effectively cant defend my base until I get lucky enough to get a good refresh timing on the server list.

I have to admit, some times I do go AFK for 1-2 hours because of the limited number of servers for S.A. for Christ Sake, last night it took me 4 hours to get in to the serve! :thinking:
But I do agree with this suggestion, probably a third of the “online” players were AFK.

20 minutes should be long enough… most games where I encountered afk timers used to have even shorter time windows and it was fine. I get it - if you are connected, you don’t want to battle for spot again, but if 20/40 people are connected 18 hours each day, there is not much space for others to connect.

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Biggest problem with an AFK timer is that it would just make some people start botting. Getting a macro that moves you around randomly every 5 minutes isn’t hard.

I’d say, do this:

  1. Reduce the thirst / hunger resistance from Shelter
  2. Implement a slight XP loss for dying (5% of your level’s EXP)
  3. No auto-respawn unless an option is selected, and if an option isn’t selected for 5 minutes, you are auto-disconnected

That way, if people do want to go AFK, they will be punished in-game for doing so. And they will be quickly removed from the server after starving to death.

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Yeah that’d be incredibly easy to do. Anyone can set up a macro to eat/drink periodically to keep themselves alive and online for hours. A single stack of food and drink can last an afk player for 16+ hours without shelter bonuses. I’ve done this in single player so that my thralls on the wheel would complete.

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Only this would save the game.

Heads up, afk kicker just added to all versions of the game! Admin close this thread consn has left the building.

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It might make an impact but even that would be easy for anyone to circumvent, just like the current afk timer is. It’s very easy to bot food/water using simple scripts so you never die and it’d be just as easy to bot click an option if you did.

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