Servers full / Players AFK

Official servers are almost always full.
I have talked to alot of players who told me they log in early to get a slot on server, and then go afk for half the day. A easy way to help the full servers all the time, would be to add a auto kick for AFK.
Something like 15-30 min of inactivity you get kicked… As easy as that…


There are calls for this (and server queue) since launch, I didn’t see any comment or statement from Funcom on this topic though. It’s sad - on launch we started as 5 man group. Since then 2 of us wasn’t able to play at all and already stoped trying, while others are fighting even hours every day for chance to play.

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Also even a little higher server cap would be great: 40ppl -> 45ppl online.

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in fact 60 will be great
I promised :smiley:

Yerh 45 - max 50 server cap. To many players will also ■■■■ up balance of servers. But auto afk kicker would help ALOT, cant be much code needed to make afk timer


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