Hot Fix First Priority - Kick due to inactivity server option

I don’t know why this wasn’t figured out before now but there it is.

Yes we need more servers but people are just clogging the servers already up by trying to “stake a claim”. I can’t blame them really but I would expect this to already be in the “anti-exploit” software.

Would it be cheaper to do a hot fix to kick afk after 15 min or to set up more new servers for 40 players when 35 of them are just afk 20 out of 24 hours?

If I had a dedicated server I would definitely want this option.

Chime in if you agree.


Heartily agree!

I agree and I’ll admit that I even went afk for around 2 hours in my server and although I did it to keep my spot in server I still think it was unfair of me. A hotfix and kick for inactivity after 15 mins would be good as it allows players a higher chance to enter their games should other players also try to keep their games running while doing something else

This could fix some of the issues honestly to open up spots on servers, very good suggestion for those who play online.

Sounds like a whine, if i was on lemme play thread. If i’m sat cooking steelfire should i get kicked?

So you believe that you have to sit there and watch your crafting counter tick 1 … 2 … 3 … lol. Yeah I’d just kick you. Sure. Figure it out.

Personally I have no problem playing or with access so it isn’t a “whine thread”. I play after your bedtime.

Do u percieve any change with 80 player servers? I think u hit the same wall

I agree if it’s still a problem then maybe 30 minutes of inactivity

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