30 minutes AFK timer on official server wy too long

AFK should be to take a small break like getting something to drink, a sandwich, go to the toilet or making a phone call. No game on this planet offers a AFK timer of 30 minutes. Not even Age of Conan (Funcom). Why then this game ? People will sty again around, eat, watch TV and just once in 30 minutes they will move their char a bit and keep being AFK. 10-15 minutes must be enough AFK time.


It’s kind of to prevent people from logging in before going to work, and then coming back with their spot reserved.

I agree, it should be lowered to 15 minutes if it isn’t effective enough. It’s a server setting, which enables them to change it at will, without needing a patch. We’ll see if it works. If not, they will modify it to shorten it.

Agreed. If you’re not doing ANYTHING for more than 15 mins, you’re officially AFK. At any rate, it won’t really make any difference, since anyone can get a macro to hit keys for them, rendering AFK timer useless.