Client timeout?

It seems to be around 10-15 minutes of idle before it just quits?

Is there a place I can change the client’s timeout? To i.e 30 or 60 minutes?

I don’t think there is no. I assume it is to prevent people from standing around afk for whatever reasons they would want to do so.

I can understand that, but sometimes its also for non-afk but smaller things needs to be done, and then right back again.

Just seemed more natural to use the 30 min timer if possible. Oh well, thanks anyway.

The timeout is intentional and it cannot be changed (albeit you may bypass it by some sort of macro hitting a key for you now and then).

What irks me is that you’re not logged out, i.e. put back on the character screen, the client exits completely. I tried to log this as a bug, and the response from one of the developers was “you’re just assuming it’s a bug”, so it’s in fact intended to exit the game.

So use a macro*, or just do a /logout and you will at least be able to start from character select again.

*Macros are not allowed when it gains you something, like AFK farming. They are allowed for other things, and several GM’s have told me specifically that they won’t do anything if you use it to prevent a logout.


Thanks for a proper answer to my question, and also adding your own tidbits to it.

I do agree though, that exiting the client is just too much, and go back to char screen would be best. Maybe if more of us added it as a bug, so we can get some attention to it.

Its nothing breaking, just improving quality of life…


This really should be 30 minutes. 15 is just to short, at least for those of us with active lives!

Is there a specific reason 15 was chosen? And not even to character select, but ALL the way to desk top?

Can this get added to the long list of maybe-one-day we’ll address it things?

Timeout used to take you to the login screen, just like you used to be able to go from character select back to the login screen and log into a different account without restarting the client. Unfortunately this “feature” had unwanted side effects and was changed by the developers, so now the client simply closes.