Suggestion: Get rid of afk logout timer


You should get rid of this AFK automatic logout timer already. It doesn’t serve you any good. If you allow people to stay logged in it will make your daily active user numbers skyrocket :+1::dollar::beers:

And it would certainly be great to be able to go AFK more than 10 minutes without getting disconnected. I mean this has to be the stupidest feature in MMO to automatically disconnect you. What are you worried about precious kilobytes per second?

if you have a subscription you should be exempt from the AFK timeout.

What say the people?! :fu:

  • Yes remove the afk timer
  • No keep it;!!! Reee!!

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how/why more zombies … uh inactive characters being online could be interesting or useful ?


On the scale of things that could be done to help the game, this is one is at the bottom of the list.

How is it hard to relog if you time out?

I do understand afking because of real life interruption - but if you find yourself going afk often during your game session, it’s time to log out anyway.


So you can afk longer in mini games or on the pad? No thanks


You’re implying mini games actually still happen? Fascinating… :thinking:

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They pop when you’re afk on the pad, you know, like 99% of your time on aoc