Auto log out bypass

Any way to turn off/bypass auto log out?

Not officially, no.

Methods to trick the game into thinking that you’re at the keyboard could be seen as a violation of the rule against automation/unattended play.

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Yes, I would think a program altering the game design would be illegal. I have no programs to alter any game. Nor would I waste effort doing so. :slightly_smiling_face: It just takes so long to log back in, on my PC anyway. Great game though.

You can use auto-run if you just need to idle a few minutes longer than normal while you get tea or something. Whether you jog off into the unknown like some high-powered sleepwalker, or into a nearby corner is down to personal preference.

Not recommended for long term use due to RL power consumption and IG chance of a Dev messing with you somehow.

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Okay, that was funny. :slight_smile:
I’m being naive, but why is auto-logout used in a game? Warframe, I think you can sit for weeks without getting bumped. :slight_smile:

It’s for server instance stability, as there are only so many spots each person takes up per instance. If everyone decided to bypass the auto logout, there will be server instances filled with players abusing the game.

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Log out your character to the character select screen. It does not time out (at least for the hour or so I’ve tried it) and is much quicker to return to playing status than having to log back into the game.

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If my brain is working well with this coffee, the chat command for that is