For heaven sakes, my logged out character died

I don’t know how many times of hunger or thirst. But I’m on my own private server with no log out delays of any kind.

Settings are once you log out you’re logged out. If you go link dead, you’re logged out. I played with 2 other friends who logged out at the same time as me on the 9th. None of them are dead. We have no unconscious time/etc. I’ve gone link dead and found myself alive just a few yards ahead of where I was running when I went link dead. Your friends disappear before your very eyes when logging out.

But apparently not me at some random point.

But here’s the kicker. I died for the first time at: 2021.01.09-20.59.43
The last time I died was on 2021.01.11-03.43.51 right before my server reset.

My server is set to reset at 4 am US central time every day.

So not only has my character been logged in from like 10 pm on Jan 9th (should have been logged out then) straight through to Jan 11 at 3:40 am but my freaking server managed to skip a restart on the 10th or I would have been logged out on the 10th instead of the 11th.

I mean what the hell ■■■■■■■? This kind of malfunction of not only game mechanics but server mechanics is just absurd.

It’s like literally NOTHING in this game is safe from a major bug or glitch. Like NOTHING after all this time. I honestly don’t know if I’ve played games with more bugs than Conan Exiles or not. BUT even if I had played a game with more bugs, I’d have never played a game with so many random, just out of the blue chaotic glitches and bugs.

Also I have to assume that so many spawns spawning 4 creatures at once is some kind of glitch? I’ve noticed in some places that instead of spawning 1 crocodile for example 4 crocodiles are spawning on top of each and moving almost as one.

Come on people.

You knew it before, so why don’t you take the 20 seconds to make yourself naked before logging out?



I’ve never experienced this before lol. I’ve had my own server for over a year on Xbox and I’ve had it on PC for nearly 4 months or more. I’ve never experienced a log out bug lol. Especially a log out bug that happened in conjunction with my server not restarting like it should have. The funny thing is I haven’t made any changes to the server. It just simply missed that one restart but restarted last night like it should. Funcom doesn’t need better quality control or bug fixes they need a damn exorcist.

It’s a game from “FUNdamentally inCOMpetent”. Expect the worst. Make sure you save backups from your server’s database. So you can rollback just in case.

Is this a known glitch with the new update then?

There used to be a logged out Character doesn’t stay in world option, on the sever set up page.
I can’t find it now

Still it’s always a good Idea to put your things in a chest and log out au naturel, I do it even though I have never died while off line, except to other players.


There are several ways to die on log out log in the next day. For sure @Buschi was not ironic at all, because this problem exists more than a year now and we have send some reports about it. Now to make sure that you won’t find your self dead make sure that…
1st if you log out outside your base
At least have 2 perks in vitality because weather can kill you since your armor doesn’t count when you are unconscious.
Sleep in high rocks, not bushes not roads. That’s because your unconscious body after some time is invisible, so if someone else bring a fight over your unconscious body you take damage (a lot because your armor doesn’t count) and you die but no one at this time understand it, you will when you log in :wink:.

2nd log out in my house, base, you name it.
Empty all your inventory in a chest and sleep on a rug, not your bed, not ceiling, on a rug. Beds are still bugged, and ceilings too. It is very possible to take fatal damage in the next day log in if you won’t follow these advices. The greatest problem is that I doesn’t happen constantly, but rare. These bags might come and go and I believe this is the reason they didn’t find it yet :wink:, still how can I possibly know, I am just a plumber :joy::joy::joy:. Have fun, nice to talk to you :+1:.

Well at least you know which way it rolls, always downhill ~ LOL. I always put everything in a chest before I log out. Its been that way for 2 years +

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Well that’s the thing droch-aon that is so confusing. I have that featured activated on my server. So when you log out your character doesn’t stay in the world at all. But apparently mine did for almost 2 full days and it was odd that my server skipped a restart in the process.

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