Remove the decreas on purge meter the first 24 h offline!

Funcom can you pleas remove the decres on purgemeter, atlest the first day or so. Its so hard to get up to a online purge, even and offline one. Atleast if you cant play every evning / day. I have realy tryed the last weeks to get one but the meter pop back so Quick!


+1 this. Great way to solve people who want purges, but can’t play enough to counter balance the offline decrease.

If the server isn’t full enough to trigger the idle logout function, you can store all your gear in a chest and just stay logged in. Your character will die repeatedly, but the Purge meter will continue to fill.


A yes, ok thats a way to do it to, thanks

as much as that is a “solution”, it is an exploited way to hold spots that needs to be rectified some how. There is an idle setting, but idle needs to be redefined to not interacting with anything at all (harvest, combat, crafting stations) so it kicks the all day rubberband peeps.


Not sure what you mean by rubberband people or holding spots. However, if they make a change like what the OP is suggesting, I’d be all in favor of idle being changed so it kicks after 30 minutes regardless of how full the server is.

Dying repeatedly when you’re idling on purpose is one thing, but dying and losing all your gear because there was an emergency in the house or an unexpected phone call is rage-inducing.

Also, was your second reply intended for this thread or one about building spammers? It doesn’t seem relevant to the purge timer discussion.


Again, the amount of emergencies vs people exploiting is heavily tilted toward exploiting. Emergencies are emergencies. your argument falls flat with me, as i would not have to weigh any emergency vs losing virtual loot.
Any phone conversation that made you idle for 15 minutes seems to be more important than any game. So again, that falls flat with me.

My guess is more than 99% of idles can be planned (restroom break, quick RL chores like starting laundry, etc.). If one wants to cook dinner and play online officials, well i would suggest they have some issues if they can’t log off to have a decent dinner. RL responsibilities should be more important, at least in my world. At that point, i just log off for the day/night.

Still unclear on what manner of exploit you’re talking about that you’d be so dismissive of the concerns I mentioned. Virtually all of the long-time players on my server have experienced exactly the sort of losses I’m talking about. There’s no inherent fairness, it’s just a crappy thing to happen in what is supposed to be a recreational endeavor.

But perhaps is the exploitative behavior you’re talking about a PvP concern?

If so, then that would explain why I don’t understand as I’ve only played PvE. In case it’s the opposite for you, in PvE most folks keep their good gear on at all times (unless purposefully idling or visiting the volcano) since you’re just not going to be the victim of a random mugging like is possible in PvP. So you really don’t see folks farming in their underwear a whole lot. For us the “Build” aspect is more of a draw than the “Survive” or “Dominate” parts (though civilizing the Exiled Lands could be considered a type of domination I guess).

Anyway, just trying to understand where you’re coming from.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that you might be referencing the full servers that the PS4 guys are currently experiencing. If that’s the case then yes, people staying logged-in all day would be extremely rude. To be clear, the PC server I’m on rarely has more than 10 of 40 active at a time; even during the holidays it only reached the low 30s. So yeah, holding a spot on a full server is definitely not the issue here, if that’s what your issue is.

The suggestion was to utilize an exploit of not being kicked if idle. For low pop or dead servers, that is fine. but for servers (yes PVP) where people actually rubber band their controllers (PS4) to have there tune run around in circles in base. They die, but game auto loads the spawn as bed, so they do this to protect their spot until they come back. And i am talking about 8 hour gaps. Log on at lunch, start the rubber band controller process, go back to work. already logged in when you get home. As servers get full, it means people who actually wanted to log in during that time couldn’t because whole clans will do this.

So as innocent as suggesting staying logged in is and idle pushing the purge, it bothers me that an exploit, that is what it is (not cheating per say), is so openly suggested.

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OK, the PS4 stuff dawned on me while you were typing your reply, but I probably didn’t finish my edit in time. Thanks for explaining, and I agree that that definitely only makes the issue you guys are experiencing worse. Thankfully my server is only ever about 1/4 to 1/3 full so that’s not an issue we have (yet).

Also, thanks for filling-me-in on the rubberbanding term; my only prior familiarity with the word (in a gaming sense) was related to lag pulling the character model back to a previous location over and over.

yeah, i figured the rubber banding term was not explained thoroughly :slight_smile:

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