Impossible to raid a vault under water?

we tested it in Single player and it took us around 20 explosives to destroy a t3 foundation. So how you raid a vault under the water? it takes so many explosives which is just stupid. Vaults under the water shouldn’t be untouchable. You can’t place crafting stations under the water why are you allows to place vaults? Especially with dmg reduction

It is most likely a bug. And will be patched out. Take solice in the fact that Funcom does not release patch notes early, and most likely the vault owners will login after a patch to find the vault and all its contents just plain gone.

They take about 5k damage per jar. You can test in single player by leaving the top of the vault above water slightly. Bomb the bottom.

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Keeping chests and vaults underwater is the safest way to prevent the items being stolen or the containers being broken.

Greeeat, inc more nerfs

The only thing that needs to be changed is the repair hammer not being able to see the owner and damage.

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