Vaults underwater

hi I play on #1126 and we have a problem a clan called KFF has placed sevral vaults in the water so you cant damage them as you cant place exoplocves on top as they are to close to the ice above however I tried damaging the vaults from above and they only take 1 damage. so my questions are (1) how do I destroy the vaults (2) is it bannable.
Thanks for the help in advance

You will have to wait for gods. It is the most effective way for underwater vaults. Don’t waste your time with bombs. It is the oldest trick for pvp secure vaults. Since you learn it use the same strategy too. However if you believe that it is not fair, add it to the list. My personal opinion is that the creators want you to use all the offensive options that you have. Most of the pvp players, unfortunately, know only how to farm

  1. stone
  2. wood
  3. fiber
  4. iron
  5. skin
  6. brimstone
    Including stealing for the rest. Sorry mine it’s very close to the truth.

It is not bannable because it is a legit use of game mechanics as far as I know.
I have read that people were successful with the trebuchet. See here:

Join thair clan what are u nuts they are a 10 man clan and I’m at war with them you think I can just rock up despite war and just join them that’s not how it works

Try a 2nd account with a new character. :slight_smile:

iv tried that but like I said with a 10 man clan they aint kicking any one any time soon

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