4 clans can't defeat 1 only troll player

I’m playing in official server #1073 pvp. There is a cheater lonely player who only build foundations and vaults to annoy other players. He already has around 30 vault, more than 10 underwater and he has played 267 hours.
But this player only build small base (4x4), raid others when theyre offline and save all the loot in underwater vaults. That’s his game…
We already tried to defeat him. He build quickly new vaults if we destroy em. It’s impossible to destroy underwater vaults. We used more than 120 jars in a single underwater vault and didn’t work.
How can a single player troll 4 clans (more than 20 players)?
Many players quit this server cause this annoying player.

I have some suggestions to get a fair game:

  • Vaults should decrease HP to 200.000 or less
  • Limit vaults per player or clan
  • I should be able to use repair hammer underwater to see H.P.

Sorry dont allow me to upload caps


You can beat him, try to makes some traps for him to fall in. Be creative and find something to beat the guy. He is playing the game and he is winning right now.

You should not call him a cheater unless is he’s cheating using exploits or glitches, seems to me he is playing smart and probably having a great time.


They really need to address the inability to check the name on player structures that are placed under water. This, to me, is a pretty game-breaking fault. I cannot be sure of my underwater target. I just have to bomb everything, risk ticking off unintentional targets, and hope that I get the target that I am after.

Lol, as if they can do anything when they’re offline. Interesting how he can troll them though, but they can’t troll back. If anything, I’d build my own underwater vaults lmao, if they can’t destroy his how can he destroy theirs? Can they encase his house in walls btw?

… you can actually destroy vaults underwater… in fact you can actually treb vaults that are underwater… The fact that 20 players with more experience then 1 guy combined… says more abiout the 20 playes… than the 1 player.


It’s easy to say but hard to do. Underwater vaults need double explosive jars.
20 vaults + 10 underwater vaults= 2.400 jars approx.

How much time do you need to craft em? long time
how much time till this troll player build em back? 1-2 days

This player plays 8-14 hours per day

Some caps: (delete space)

imgur. com/a/kKKoFx1
imgur. com/a/VpTJARs
imgur. com/a/acWDTHV

The Jedi, it means you are the best player ever. We need your smart advices (wink wink) :slight_smile:

Hey spiral crazy people are complaining on stuff they can do them selves lol hahaha man thats funny. u playing today cause you know Building damage is active.

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You bet, I will be on tonight. Been leveling up. Soon time to raid

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8-14 hours still leaves 10 hours of play time for over 20 players to out man and out resource one player. Again if you are struggling against 1 player… Don’t hate the player… …Hate your game playing.

Because you are doing something wrong.

For fun I took… 12 players from my server and we invaded another server and with only stone weapons… and only being around level 20 we killed several level 60 players who were in nice armor and equipped with legendaries.

We did not exploit… we did not cheat… we did not offline. We just used logic and skill.
When you rush to complain about one player …about vaults… and you have 20 … PLAYERS!!
It Boggles the mind.


Yesterday we destroyed his vaults underwater (132 jars each vault), 1.500 jars approx. He built foundations quickly while we destroyed em and today there’s more vaults.
2 clans left the server cause theyre upset with this player.
We need help

Your issue is you are failing a test of will.

You can be good at a game.
You can be well equipped in a game.
You can even have a great alliance in a game.

But even those three traits can be overcome by sheer will and determination. You say multiple clans are leaving the server. And you’re asking for help.

What would you do if we instead decided to do the same thing this guy is doing? What if a group of my friends and I decided to make underwater vaults and foundation spam the map to choke you out?

If one player can defeat your group of clans of nearly 20 players, what happens when you face 10 or 20 of those types of players?

You have to make a decision.

Do you try to beat this player in a contest of will, in this case, keep doing what you are doing in a methodical manner until the guy gives up.

Or give up.

Because what use will calling for help do? If the guy can beat 20, he can beat 40, or a 100. It doesn’t matter how many people you bring.


A group against a player and you continue using tactic “tribe vs. tribe”. Stop using brute force and start using your head, spend time looking for and mapping his small bases. No matter how fast he build, he will need a fixed place to craft gear and bombs.

Guerrilla warfare is more patience to wait in the right places …

By the way, he’s not a troll, he’s a guy fighting many. Respecting your enemy is a good start.


haha…Im a solo player and I have took out all the clans that were not alpha out on my server. I have 65 vaults and a sh$t ton of foundations down. I have id say all empty but like 5 vaults with nothing but bombs in them. I still raid from time to time offliners and their is nothing the alpha clan can do because their not going to destroy 65 vaults to get some bombs…lol. Sure they are gonna nerf the vaults but ill make sure that their is nothing in them at that point and login every 5 days just to make the alpha clan use bombs to destroy all my sh$t :wink: Yes I am an ■■■■■■■…Dont hate the player hate the game yall

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Be grateful you have someone to fight. Sit on daddy’s lap and I will tell you a tale…

I have been in a large clan, alpha on our server, official PVP 1578. We’ve fought solo guys like the one mentioned here. We would gripe about his tactics to each other, but ultimately, he presented a significant challenge in what had become a stale endgame. This one guy got us fired up about logging in and playing Conan. He gave us content!

It took weeks, but with great persistence, we eventually crushed him. We saw him driven before us and he finally left the server. But it was we who lamented, because there was no one left to conquor. Now, our avis sit on our thrones…wearing our crowns on furrowed brows…



4 clans vs 1 guy?

Conan is upset. Warriors fight 1 on 1. It seems this guy whom your unfairly fighting should be praised. He a solo and fighting 4 clans.

If I had plus I join in his fight.

Over 20 players?

Does it really take 20 or more players to fight 1 player. How unfair your tribes are. It proves your tribe lacks skills.

This is why PVP a joke. 4 tribes alliance.

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Hm. Its still players who almost exploit such stuff.
So while the actual issue lies in the system allowing for those unwanted tactics and behavior, its still the players who are the ********. :wink:

Yes. I saw the same happen on some other server as well. Rumor was a certain new clan was bought in to kill the alpha clan. Even though all the members of said clan understood that those enemies would never fight heads on, they didnt prepare properly. Instead of creating a new, really secluded base, they got driven off the server. (Funny thing was said lil 3 person clan went off the server after said alpha did so. This was what further enforced the discussion about them having been bought in.)


The solo guy deserves two assaassins against your tribes.

If I had plus I’ll help this solo guy.

You gotten Lazy. The solo player has out played you.

Begging other warriors to battle 1 solo player.

You have no honor.

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So they now have professional assassination clans for hire?
Interesting, I wonder how much money they are paid.
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Stop building on the ground and find