Impossible to take drop bags

Game mode: [Online | Admin server]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [FR]

We have an issue since last patch about drop bags. If we try to exchange items. When a player in an other CLAN drop an item out of his inventory, no one can take this item. (The drop bag said : “You cannot take this item”)

It seems a rights problem. We cant trade on our PVE server. I don’t know if this patch affected only PVE servers… I’m surprised than no one speaking about this problem on the forum.

Actually, this issue stop the trading system on our RP server, so people stop playing.

In a second time, speaking about performance, all of our cities on our server lost more than 20fps than before, so performance decreased since the patch.

Thx for reading, and have a good day, and a good hotfix :stuck_out_tongue:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Patch bug
  2. Hotfix no changes
  3. This is a specific problem from PVE server.

Have the exact same problem on my private pve server. We also like to trade and give people outside the clan stuff.
A wonky workaround is to kill an npc and use this as a transfer point ( storing the stuff in the body). At least it worked, and the other player (not in my clan) could pick up the stuff.

Make wooden box, leave unlocked?

We choose a temporary fix :

We switch our server into PvP mode…
With the containers options in general admin panel.

The unique change for players is, they can kill other players.

That’s a good way to continue to play until the next hotfix for PVE servers about drop player bags will be on.

The are working on a fix for all issues it’s in annoucements