New Trade / Lootbag Bug


Trade with another player, give him 3 t4 thralls, drop to loot bag.
He gives you 500 Hard bricks.

He cant see all thralls in his inventory, if he re-logs they will appear.

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Noticed this too. If you drop 2+ items on the ground some of them become invisible. Loot All will pick them up, but they won’t appear in your inventory until you relog.

The workaround for trading with someone is to drop 1 item at a time.


I experienced this on @droch-aon’s first day on the server. I handed him a suit of Epics and he reported the boots were missing until the next day. Because I haven’t recorded my interactions with him (other than one errant chat) I don’t have details on whether I dropped the items into a box or onto the floor. In the succeeding month and a half, I’ve transferred a lot of items to people, and have never had a problem since. After what happened with dro, I have only ever transferred via box, crate, bench or shrine.

You put the items in a chest

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Blast! I’ve been going off the wrong memory all this time. Forget what I said about boxes, crates, benches and shrines, everybody.

Seen a LOT of this happening on the Official I play on too. It seems to occur more frequently when the server is under heavy strain in the evenings.

I lost a reinforced glowing stick (something no longer craftable) due to this because I typically like to stow all my gear in a specific order (by hotbar slot) before I stop playing for the day, and my character died in her sleep. Been quite a while since losing something in-game (even a Lovetap or Glimmermoon) upset me that much since it’s literally irreplaceable.

Since then, I’ve set my OCD aside and have started using Loot All / Give All instead so as to avoid the game thinking there’s still items in loot bags or inventory.

Can u repair the kitt’et glowing stick? I just thought of that… ive been throwing them away…

Oh man… Yeah they can be repaired even with just the bone and the goop.

#¤&"/%/( Thanks :rofl:

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This has been happening often on Xbox too, for the past couple of months.

You don’t have to relog to get the items to reappear- just remove bracelet and they’ll be back in your inventory. I also see it happen more often if you are in someone’s land claim.

Hey there,

We suspect this might have to do with some of the backend anti-duping measures we’ve been integrating into the game since the last couple of big patches.
We’ll send note to our team to see if this is the case and how to fine-tune it to be less pervasive to normal gameplay.
Thanks for the feedback.


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